When God tells you to let go of someone

How do you know when God tells you to let go of someone? That is a common question that godly couples all over the world ask themselves. 

They want to make sure that they are dating with purpose and correctly discerning God’s will from their own fleshly desire. 

But this one is a hard one.

Discerning whether you are called to let go of someone or not can be emotional, stressful, and disappointing. After all, you don’t want to risk losing “The One”.

If you have ever been in a situation where you had that tugging feeling that God is telling you to end a relationship, then you already know that it’s not fun. 

But we know that everything works together for our good, if it’s ordained by God. And the longer you wait, the more painful it gets. 

It’s like the famous Oprah quote

“Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream.”

Oh, how wise she is. 

But it’s so true. There are always clear signs God is telling you to let go of someone if the relationship is not ordained by Him. But it’s up to you to recognize them and distance yourself from him even if you love him.

And to help you with that I’m sharing 4 signs that will help you discern when God tells you to let go of someone.

When God tells you to let go of someone

When God tells you to let go of a relationship

1. You have a feeling

Whenever God tells you to let go of someone, he will show you with very subtle signs in the beginning. Oftentimes through something as simple as your gut feeling and intuition.

Yes, you and me we both have an intuition, whose primary job is to keep us from harm. And I know that to some people that might sound very vague and strange. However, it is not. 

When you accept Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to live in your heart and guides you through life. He is the one that helps you discern right from wrong and connect to God on a personal level. 

And the more connected you are to Him, the easier it becomes to discern if God put someone in your life or not.

Therefore, if you have a feeling that something is off with your boyfriend and do not have peace about the relationship, then trust that feeling. 

Trust that God is leading you in this situation and giving you subtle signs to move on. 

And I know a lot of times it’s hard to accept it, because you are afraid of letting go of someone you love. 

But take heart. When you let go and let God write your love story you allow Him to give you His best for you. 

signs god is telling you to move on

2. He disregards your boundaries 

Boundaries are very important in a relationship. They protect your well-being and serve as a measuring tool for respect.

If your boyfriend crosses your boundaries every time the two of you are together and it makes you feel uncomfortable, then that is how you know when God is telling you to let go of someone. 

A relationship in which you repeatedly feel disrespected, bad about yourself, or can’t be authentic is not the relationship you want to be in. 

Trust me!

Instead, you want to be in a relationship where you feel like yourself and like you are being heard. 

And yes, letting go of someone you love is heartbreaking at worse, but that is still not as dangerous as losing yourself. 

And there can be a multitude of reasons why you don’t enjoy hanging out with each other. 

when god releases you from marriage

3. You don’t enjoy your time together

I’m a firm believer that a relationship should be fun! Yes, fun!

Meaning you and your man should feel like you are best friends and enjoying your time together. Maybe not all the time, but most of it.

And I would argue that if you are not having fun, then you are unequally yoked. Yes ladies you can be unequally yoked, even if both of you are Christians. 

And there can be a multitude of reasons why you don’t enjoy hanging out with each other. 

Maybe because you are not attracted to each other physically, mentally, or emotionally. Maybe because you have nothing in commons every time you meet there is little to talk about. Or maybe because you have different values and now most of your hangouts end in arguments. 

All of these reasons, may be a sign that is telling you to let go of a relationship. 

Because the truth is, God will send you a man that you enjoy spending time with. And even though the relationship may not be perfect, it will feel easy and loving and fun!

So, if you feel like these are signs god is telling you to move on then you have to break things off. That way you make space for the right guy to come into your life. 

when god tells you to let go of a relationship

4. You constantly feel stressed

Be honest with yourself. Are you holding on to a man that you don’t trust and are worried about all the time?  

Feeling anxious, distrustful, and overwhelmed are not the emotions that describe love. And if that is how you are feeling in your current relationship then you wan to rethink that. 

When you meet the one God has for you then you will feel at peace, loved, and aligned in your relationship. However, if you constantly feel stressed then it simply means he is not the one. 

A relationship that is a constant source of anxiety is not good for you and definitely not what God intended for you.

So, truly ask yourself if you are more in love with the idea of who he could be then who he really is and if that is worth your mental health.  

Remember that God is always speaking to you. Sometimes he will speak through very subtle signs such as feelings and emotions. And sometimes he will use very obvious signs, such as people or situations.

when god tells you to let go of someone

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20 Comments on When God tells you to let go of someone

  1. I am a man of 46 years of age. And I am married. We have three kids with my wife. My wife had told me that. God is sending her back to her ex boy friend we are both Christians. And she prays a lot but we have so many problems in our marriage. Once she told me that its her who made life to be like this because she is in wrong relationship. And is showing her ….her ex boy friend . We have agreed to let her move on and but its not nice at all to me even her she is crying but she loves her ex boy friend . We are still together but it stressful to me. Because they have communication with her ex boy friend but does not want to move in to him and leave . What stresses me more I have to take care of her and look after kids since she does not have strength sometimes. And she does not have feelings for me anymore. What can I do to let her go because when I ask her to go she says that she wants to move to her place first so that can meet her ex boy friend in a rightful manner not to go to his house. What must I do to this situation?? I am so stressed!!!

  2. My girlfriend and I have decided to take a break in our relationship. Everything in our relationship is perfect except one part and that’s sexual sin.

    We have both tried to set boundaries and both keep crossing the line. We have tried other things to help us but this magnetic force is very strong.

    Our love is very strong for each but we just want to be better Christians and walk with god together.

    Should be break up and throw away this love or ? This is where we don’t know what to do.

  3. I am sorry you both are Experian such overwhelming heart ache.. I believe you are doing the right thing by giving her the support she needs. However if it was the will of God for her to chase after a boyfriend it would not be this complicated for her.. God honors marriage it is a commitment before the eyes of God he favors marriages even when you married the wrong person… be humble and pray if you love your wife and wants to be with her even though things doesn’t seem good. Put your faith and trust in God and he will move in ways you can only imagine to turn the situation around.. when a man finds a wife he finds favor with God.. prob: 18. Trust God, have faith and know he is working for your highest good.. this too shall pass

  4. Have Faith… Let go and Let God be God and he will give us the Strength and Guide us to HIS WILL for our Life!!!

    My husband after 18 years has decided to end our marriage. The only way I’m am surviving is by keeping my eyes on God and allowing the Holy Spirit to supply all my needs!!! I keep thinking of this story in the Bible.

    Do not be afraid.” Peter spoke up and said, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come out on to the water.” Jesus replied, “Come.” Peter stepped out of the boat and began to walk on the water. As he took a few more steps, he took his eyes off of Christ, noticing the wind and rough waters. He slowly began to sink.


    I hope that helps. I feel your pain and while idk you… I’ll pray for your strength and guidance to Let God be God!!! I’ll keep my personal opinions to myself about what I see from the outside looking in. JUST KNOW… We may not know what the future holds, BUT we KNOW it’s God that holds the future!!! He has plans for us…

    Jeremiah 29:11-14
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.”

    The above verse speaks to my soul!!!

  5. Why don’t you just get married? My pastor recently started a “insta-wedding” for people in your same situation.

  6. Thanks for this
    My boyfriend and I really love God and want to please him in our relationship. But honestly I don’t feel the relationship..it’s as though I am not physically attracted to him, I’m just there because he really loves the Lord and wants to fulfil his purpose and he helps me keep my Christian values. I struggle to enjoy his company and this is 10months of the relationship but I’m still struggling to love him completely. He said he loves me very much, but I don’t even feel that emotional connection. Pls is it a sign I should leave him? I’m soooooo confused

  7. God asked me to end a relationship i was into… This gentleman loves God so much and we dated for almost six years unfortunately he was married to amoslim and i thought it was God asking me to be with him. We lost communication and we broke up… Am still hurt broken and wondering because whatever this man told me, is what God tells me… I felt that closeness because he always told me what God wanted from me and indeed God had first talked to so when he tells me, it was just confirmation….. How do describe such a relationship…..

  8. I met this man when I was desperately in need of a relationship. He seemed very nice a concerned about my well being. I didn’t like him at first but after knowing him better I fell in love with him. And I really felt like the relationship was from God. We are both Christians and we are trying to serve God rightly. The problem here is that I was told that he is not the one for me by 2 different prophets. So what do I do because I really love this man. I haven’t even told him what I was told by the prophet.

  9. God has been speaking to me and it’s very serious. At first I felt uneasy and anxiety. Then I started feeling sick. To the point when I’m around that person I gag so when they claimed they wanted to see me it was a lie. And God showed me that I’m so thankful he would of left me.

  10. I got on by this page looking for reason and an example of mine to see if someone else was in my position reading through made me realize there’s no faith in a relationship that relys on worldly circumstances or lusts or happiness it’s a choice just as God gave us I almost thought as bout walking out of questioning my relationship until I red all yours no it’s our responsibility to have faith in love not our happiness but to except our life as and to be happy in our position not spoild by choice of lust or because grass looks greener somewhere else saying it’s not working is because we have little faith God is forgiveness faith as and trust but women we are to do our part to prey for what it is that’s not meeting our expectations because God will do it for us love and paitence no matter how long it will take

  11. Here’s another thing the evil one will do as well because you maybe the only love from God close to them and the evil one will do everything he can to cancel out any touch from God as possible try to recognize that because it’s important as a believer in Christ the evil one will not make it easy at all so if we walk out for our own sake remember we might be walking out on there salvation trust God I know I struggle and my partner also brings worst out in me but he believes now and that’s a miracle already it’s not easy because where so unequally yoked IV been broken so many times even been the cause of brokenness more just tell Jesus how we feel and be honest but yet I wanto take control but God is always in control

  12. I’m married yet when I married t and we didn’t think about God. Years later God has wokeN me up . God has not released me from my marriage I am asking god for forgiveness. I want to be married to who God has for me. Please pray for me my situation isn’t right it’s very important to have God in our lives for our best life. I believe I sinned forgive m my lord.

  13. I’ve been with my spouse 8 years. 5 years married. We are currently separated. The Holy Spirit revealed to me my husband’s infidelity in a dream & in prayer. Holy Spirit showed me that He allowed the secret to be for four years to protect to me, and when I was strong enough he revealed it to me. The world would say your husband lied 4 years, but God showed me he was strengthen me for such a time as this.
    So I brought it to his attention. And he admitted it. There was multiple sexual partners. One being my closest cousin/friend.
    I want to divorce him, but i don’t have peace about it.
    Yet, this man hasn’t shown me anything.
    God has shown me to let him go, and let God. I’m currently pregnant. Separated 2 months now, and 3 months since it all came out. Raising our boys & trying to maintain house hold but without him in home.
    Whenever we communicate it’s toxic. Everything on your post is literally my relationship. God showed me to stop watching the clock for him to change because then it’ll seem like he’s never changing. And to again, Let go and let God.
    So… I don’t know what letting go of my husband looks like (while still staying married) or how to do this…
    How to forgive and heal such deep betrayal … how do I value myself enough to know this isn’t what God wants for me yet, still trusting God is doing something! I just don’t know… Please help, if you have an advice. Thank you.

  14. The Lord lays before us two choices…Life and Death. When choosing a mate,our decision to choose life must be reflected in this decision. The person we choose will lead us into greater things of God. This person should bring life or light. The person we choose will hold us accountable to glorify our Lord with your life, by the way they live their own. Be in agreement concerning your foundation and core values. Every thing else is about the law of attraction or chemistry…which changes during the course of a relationship.

  15. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year. Before him I was content in my singleness I was content with being alone with God I didn’t even have a desire to be in a relationship but when I met him it was something just pulling me towards him and who he was. We took things slow at first, he helped me so much in my relationship with God he was everything I wanted in someone he lead me close to Christ and my purpose in Christ he loved me like no one before he understood me and we connected so rarely and had such a deep intimacy emotionally and spiritually. We fasted for thirty days and kept each other accountable and would talk about what we learned. We then started to read the Bible together and he really helped restore my desire for God and walking deep in the spirit. This is all while in long distance we did this for 6 months and got together he said he felt it was right from God. 3 months from then God made a way for him to see me. Then things went downhill from there he started to change started to focus more on worldly desires worldly things, he said I was stressing him out he got new friends started going to a new church and instead of leading me he was leading them he wasn’t pursuing me he started to pursue his church Role and church friends and I was so hurt confused and every time I tried to talk about it and communicate he wouldn’t see. He became a casual Christian. He said he no longer had a desire to be with me that he didn’t see how we could work out and that broke me. For 9 months of being together and staying so committed building up this relationship for marriage and then his desire for me changed? He went into the world then started drinking and partying again and I felt like God was telling me to pray for him to war for him so I obeyed I fasted I prayed I focused on myslef and God I had no other choice but to seek God. And after a month of praying and fasting he came back to me and we tried things again but it didn’t feel the same he was still very casual and wasn’t pursuing me the way he did before and we were unequally yolked. But he said he knew he wanted to be with me built up my hopes he said he wanted to marry me and we built up things again. He was progressively getting closer to God and his will for his life but I felt so drained the relationship was now lustful and arguing and for three months we tried and I was trying to obey God but we were in this cycle. He broke up with me again bc he felt overwhelmed by all the arguing and immediately went to snapping girls after we broke up. I’m so confused so hurt I don’t even know what to do. I obeyed God and ended up here and I don’t want to go into the wrong direction. This is not the person I met but I’m so doubtful was he ever really that person? I’m so confused I had so much d faith and confirmation this was God ordained. But maybe wrong timing? Maybe this is a tactic from the enemy or it isnt? I’m so lost and numb. Idk how to feel or what to believe or do. I know feelings lie to us but I can’t tell what God is telling me. I miss him but it’s not him anymore. Am I being selfish?? Maybe it’s the wrong time? I’m so scared and fearful right now. Is this the enemy or myself? I keep lifting God up but I’m scared of where to go next bc I don’t want it to end up like this or be in the wrong direction and now I’m questioning if I heard God wrong this whole time if I even obeyed him the first time. It just didn’t feel right the second time around idk if that’s bc he was still casual and we were unequally yolked or if God was showing me something or the enemy trying to make me give up for good but rn I’m just being still in God’s presence and whatever happens happens.

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