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Does God Bring Couples Back Together?

Does God bring couples back together?

The most painful part about a breakup is oftentimes the uncertainty.

Especially, if you didn’t want the relationship to end.

Maybe you thought he was “The One” you would marry because you felt like the holy spirit confirmed it to you.

But now that dream feels far away.

And deep down you are hoping that the relationship can be salvaged and the love re-instated. 

So, in your desperation, you start to look for signs, advice, and hints to the most important question: “Will God reunite me with my ex?”. 

To help you navigate this difficult time, I’m sharing my experience about what happens when god brings someone back into your life.

What does God say about restoring relationships?

If you are asking yourself “Does God bring couples back together?” Then I can confidently say “yes”.

However, only as long as the relationship is according to His purpose for your life.

And I know that this answer is not very comforting, because you don’t have a guarantee that your ex is part of God’s plan for you.

None of us knows who and what is. But we know that God’s love is so strong that he only wants good things for us and intends to give us a beautiful future.

Just like the famous quote:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11.

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Can God restore relationships?

The good news is that just like God brought you and your (ex-)boyfriend together the first time around, he can also bring the two of you together again.

In a post, I wrote a couple of years ago, titled: “Trusting God when a relationship ends” I explain in detail why a breakup isn’t always the end of the world.

Because when we idolize the relationship, or we are not ready for the relationship, we have to trust that God broke it up for a good reason.

And I know it is not easy to accept that because we want what we want.

However, as Christians, we have to make sure that our desire for God is bigger than the desires of our flesh.

Truth is, I have seen God restore dating relationships after a time of separation.

Once both people were mature and had gone through a healing process they would find their way back to each other.

No matter if it took a long period of time or hard work.

I, myself have experienced that in a past dating relationship.

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up and found our way back to each other. And even though it didn’t last in the end, it was an important experience.

It made me a better person and a better partner for my new relationship.

So, we have to understand that nothing God does happens because WE want it. It happens because it is part of God’s plan. And sometimes that plan involves a second chance with your ex-boyfriend. 

does god bring couples back together

How does God bring couples back together?

1. God will make you a better person

As I mentioned above, some relationships end because you simply got together prematurely.

Maybe the relationship was built on lust, or both of you were not yet willing to commit. Whatever it was, for some reason you were not ready to serve each other as partners and broke up.

However, once both of you have undergone the much-needed growth and are willing to make the relationship work, God may bring your specific person into your life.

Because now you are ready for true love.

The truth is, there is a difference between wanting an intimate relationship and being truly ready to date with purpose and have a God-honoring relationship.

As a single woman, you want your heart, body, and mind to be ready to receive the man God has for you. Otherwise, you risk losing him the moment he appears.

The best way to do that is by seeking guidance. You can do that through reading, talking to a Christian counselor, or getting a relationship coach.

There are many steps you can take to get ready for a healthy relationship and marriage.

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2. God will make you a better partner

Another common reason why relationships end is that we are too self-centered, immature, or disrespectful.

Let’s be real, not many Christian singles know how to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend. As a matter of fact, most people don’t even know how to be a good friend in general.

You may have had selfish tendencies, been argumentative, or even had low self-esteem in the past.

All these things can seriously harm or sabotage a relationship.

However, if you have done some work on yourself and grown as a person things can change. Your ex-boyfriend is just as much a child of God as you are.

Therefore, God will only want you to get back together with your ex, once you are His best as well.

The most important step is that you use your season of separation to identify the reasons why you broke up.

And then do the work it takes to become a better partner.

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3. The relationship is no longer an idol

For a lot of single Christian women, being in a relationship or getting married is very important.

So much so that it can easily become an idol and we accept anything or anyone in order to get the title.

Before God can bring your ex back, you will need to completely surrender your relationship and your ex-boyfriend to him.

If you still experience emotional breakdowns and depression because of the breakup, then it’s an indication that you are still too invested.

If that is the case I suggest you first heal your soul tie.

The goal is to feel complete even without him.

That way, whether he comes back or not, you know you will be fine.

A true story of God bringing a couple back together

Now that I mentioned the basic reasons why God brings couples back together, I figured it is important to share my personal experience.

As I mentioned before, I believe that God will sometimes end a relationship. And when he does it is for a “good” reason.

In my case, it was because we simply were not ready.

I know I had to work on my mindset as a single woman. Because long after the breakup I was still struggling with a very strong and unhealthy soul tie.

I couldn’t stop thinking of him, frequently dreamt of him, and often felt hopeless without him.

The memories of our relationship would trigger emotional and physical pain, to the point that I lost 15 pounds.

No matter how many bible verses about heartbreak I would read I couldn’t seem to heal my broken heart.

That lasted for more than 1 year until I decided it was time to let go of my ex and move on.

It wasn’t until I had finally broken my unhealthy soul tie to my Ex-boyfriend that God brought us back together.

And I know that it was because I was no longer idolizing the relationship or him.

So, yes God can fix a broken relationship and bring someone back into your life.

And even though that relationship did not last because it was an unhealthy cycle of an on-again-off-again relationship, I know it happened exactly the way it was meant to.

I learned to persevere through difficult periods and trust in our heavenly father.

And if you recently broke up with someone and feel deeply hurt, then I want you to use my FREE Untangling Soul Ties Worksheet.

A simple one-pager that will help you identify and untangle any unhealthy soul tie that is keeping you in bondage.

You can download the worksheet FOR FREE here.

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