Hi, I’m Justine Mfulama!

I’m a certified life coach that focuses on dating and relationship coaching for single Christian women.

It’s a gift I’ve always enjoyed sharing with friends and family and recently decided to train, hone and improve so that I can provide the expertise that helps women achieve their goals.

My focus is to help single Christian women attract and maintain a healthy godly relationship, by teaching self-love, mastery of the mind and confidence.

The Site… was established in July 2017 because of a need in the blogging world to discuss Dating and Relationship challenges Christian single women face, but oftentimes are too ashamed to speak out about.

The website now receives far more than 100k views/month and has a thriving newsletter.

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How to work with me…

I love to partner up with brands that match my mission to help women attract and maintain a healthy godly relationship.

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  1. Liebe justine, ich wünsche dir auf deiner reise wunderschöne momente. Mögen all deine träume und vorstellungen in erfüllung gehen. God bless you,dear friend 🙂
    Liebe Grüsse von deiner Grundschulfreundin..

  2. Hi, Justine – what a lovely blog and I hope you enjoy your travels.. Where are you originally from? I’m from South Africa..

    I wanted to follow you on Instagram as well, but all your links (except for the one below) seem to go to an Asian account of someone who seems to like taking bunny selfies and doesn’t look like you at all.. Thought you might want to look into that 😉

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Dorette,
    thank you so much for your message. I wouldn’t have known that without your hint. Will definitely have to change that ASAP. Thanks!!!

  4. All you wrote was all I needed to see / hear. You’re a blessing and I know that the Lord inspired you ???? Thanks a lot !

  5. God has been really dealing with me and challenging me on the topic of trust. I have had so many people let me down. So many. I am learning that God is not like those people. He’s bigger, He’s better. He’s God. Your post about trust really spoke to me and encouraged me. I really needed to hear it. I didn’t want to hear it, but I needed it. While I am married and have a daughter, I am only 21 so I still feel connected to your perspective. Thanks for being so open.

  6. Hi Monica,

    wow, I’m glad my post reminded you of who God is. So often we forget that God is almighty and forget to put our eyes on things above.
    Be blessed

  7. I’m excited about this I love the energy you possess with the idea of being single. I have immature feelings about being a single christian so I’m looking forward to the advice, verses, and tips that you’ll be presenting I hope to find myself mature and enjoy my single days as well until God send my future husband.

  8. Hello girl, ended up here because I was searching for “Christians and travelling” am glad I did and for a moment though I have a twin. So happy to see someone do what I have desired to do.

  9. Thank you for this Blog. I am a divorced man, 59 years of age. I enjoy/gain from seeing things from the female perspective. I have been fortunate to have a wonderful, beautiful(physically, emotionally, and spiritually) woman in my life for the past 2 1/2 years. I love reading these articles as they help me discern what she needs. Her past still haunts her as she was physically and emotionally abused. I see so much beauty in how she has carried on with her life! She has helped me recover from the abandonment in my own marriage. Thank you for being there for women to encourage and sometimes direct them in the “Godly” pursuit of a Godly man.

  10. Hi Walter,
    thank you so much for leaving this comment. I’m so glad that they add value to you even though my content is mostly geared towards women.

  11. Very encouraging, I am going for a mission outreach with YWAM and my financial situation is not so good and i was having doubt but this blog really encourages me to just trust God completely. Thanks ❤

  12. This blog is very interesting. I think it is the best way to maintain good relationship with God

  13. Hi, Justine, just wondered if you have a heart’s desire to marry.
    What do you think about older women
    Having a desire to marry.

  14. Hi Shirley, I think it is completely fine when you have a heart’s desire to get married. The importance, however, is to surrender it to God and believe he will bring his plan for you to pass. When I’m in a rut I meditate on Mark 11:24. You should read that scripture too.

  15. Justine, your passion and committment are admireable.You are God’s lovely woman; please continue and know that your work isn’t going unnoticed❤~

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