Signs of a Healthy Relationship: 10 Healthy Relationship Tips

If you have been single for a while, like I have, then you might be wondering one thing. Is my relationship healthy? Unfortunately, I always find it easier to identify the deal breakers in a relationship, because those are the things that just feel wrong.

What is a healthy relationship? But what are the early signs of a good relationship?

Healthy Relationship Definition:

A healthy relationship is a relationship that is filled with love, joy, and trust. A relationship in which both partners feel respected, cherished and safe enough to completely open up to each other. 

While every relationship is different there are a few key aspects that will allow you to thrive as a couple. Today I’m sharing with you 10 signs of a healthy relationship.

10 Signs of a healthy relationship

1. You don’t mind apologizing

Relationships are complicated and need work. And no matter how well you get along, there will be times of conflict. However, what allows healthy relationships to succeed, is the willingness of both partners to work on it.

If both of you can say that you are sorry and don’t hold on to pride, then that’s a sign of a healthy relationship. In a relationship, it is important that you are able to admit when you make a mistake and are willing to apologize.

2. You are a team

The best thing about having a best friend is that he or she got your back. And that’s the same in a relationship. Both of you are willing to defend the other person in their absence or their presence.

In a group setting, other people can see that you are a union by the way you communicate and respect each other. A healthy relationship is where you both make each other look good and support each other.

And in case you don’t feel like reading, watch it here!

3. You can sense each other’s mood

A healthy couple knows each other well enough to sense when something is wrong. Even without talking you know when to show support, encourage the other person or simply give them space.

In a healthy relationship, you become sensitive to your boyfriend’s personality and vice versa.

Disclaimer: This does not mean that you are expected to tip-toe around them. If you feel like you consistently have to cheer them up, then that’s an indication that something might be wrong.

4. You can be vulnerable

In healthy relationships, both partners want the other to feel comfortable enough to share their emotions. Even when it means facing criticism or voicing disappointment.

You feel safe and secure enough to bring something up without facing backlash from your partner. Because you both know that you won’t be met with defensiveness or manipulation, but receptiveness and support.

Oftentimes it’s not enough to just communicate, because you can say a whole lot without ever sharing something meaningful.

But when you can be vulnerable and entrust your partner with things you can’t tell anyone else that’s when your romantic relationship sets itself apart from your other friendships.

Healthy relationships are transparent, and you feel like you can communicate openly and talk about anything.

5. You encourage each other to follow your purpose

In a healthy relationship, you encourage one another to grow as a person and follow your dreams and passion. You want your partner to grow even if that means they outgrow you. Because love doesn’t envy but wants the best for the other.

One of the most important things in a Christian relationship is to have one common or two complimenting purposes. That’s why it’s so important that both of you enter into the relationship with a healthy amount of self-love. That allows you to be secure enough in yourself to want the best for the other.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship: 10 Healthy Relationship Tips

6. You sacrifice for each other

For all my single ladies out there, being in a relationship isn’t just about the romance and the cute date nights. A healthy relationship is a partnership that requires commitment and sacrifice.

It’s about sharing a life together, which can be challenging at times.

In a good relationship, you are willing to sacrifice some of your unrealistic expectations, over-the-top demands and bad habits from your single season. A healthy partnership requires both of you to sacrifice selfish desires to make space for combined goals, dreams and traditions.

7. You trust each other

One of the most beautiful traits of healthy relationships is that you trust each other.

When you find ‘The One’ God has for you, you feel a sense of peace when it comes to your partner. You can trust him to honor their words and do what they said they will do, follow through with their actions and show you that they are reliable.

Building a relationship on trust is important because it allows the relationship to evolve. Only if you feel like you trust your partner, you’ll feel comfortable enough to go to the next level with him and discuss marriage.

8. You spend time apart

Being in a strong relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time together. Actually, it means you can have separate lives, interests, and friends. It means you are able to keep a sense of individuality without fearing that your partner will be jealous or resentful.

Remember, it’s important to have a life outside of your relationship which gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

9. You make decisions together

A healthy relationship is a partnership in which you don’t have to struggle to be heard. Instead, both of you discuss important life events. And when circumstances affect your relationship you decide on the best action together.

In healthy relationships, both of you have equal say and don’t feel like one person runs the relationship. You are willing to compromise because you know that you are not being taken advantage of.

10. You have fun together

Last but not least, the best relationship advice that I can give you is to have fun together!

There will be so many moments when life is hard and pulling you down. A great relationship partner that you can create funny moments with, will add a whole new layer of mental health and sustain you even when you go through a rough time.

Fun and laughter are a good way to increase the health of a relationship.

10 Signs that you are in a healthy relationship

Being in a relationship shouldn’t stress you out but make you happy and peaceful. These 10 signs of a healthy relationship will hopefully help you identify the state of yours.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship you look for? Share BELOW!

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