How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached

I’m writing this blog post, post-breakup. And it feels weird, to say the least. Because, obviously you want to know how to forge a deep emotional connection with a man, so that you can keep him, right. 

Well, as I’m reflecting on my last relationship, I asked myself the same question as you. Was our relationship deep enough? Did we really connect on an emotional level? 

That’s why I decided to do some research and find out the signs a man is emotionally connected to you.

What is emotional attachment? 

If you have been following my content this past year, then you might have noticed my interest in attachment theory. Our different attachment styles heavily influence how we relate to each other and are often the reason why a relationship succeeds or fails. 

According to, emotional attachment refers to feelings of closeness and affection that help sustain meaningful relationships over time. 

A healthy emotional attachment within a relationship, makes you feel safe and secure, increases feelings of belonging and connection to your partner, and makes you feel comfortable with being vulnerable. 

It provides the breathing ground for love. 

This is why knowing what makes men emotionally attached can help you take your relationship from superficial to deep.

How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached

What makes a guy emotionally attached to a girl? 

So, the million-dollar question becomes “what makes men emotionally attached to women?”. 

The answer is, for a guy to become emotionally attached to a girl, he needs to feel safe and comfortable enough around her to voice his real emotions and feelings. 

In contrast to women, men are rarely encouraged to show emotions and grow up suppressing them most of the time. 

Therefore, a man is more likely to feel emotionally connected to a woman that allows him to be vulnerable and empowers him to be his authentic self with her. 

But how do you know when a guy is emotionally attached to you? I thought you’d never ask! Here are 10 signs he caught feelings.

how do guys get emotionally attached

How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached? 

1. He opens up emotionally  

The first and most obvious of the signs a man is emotionally attached to you is that he opens up emotionally. 

When a man feels connected to you he becomes more comfortable around you. That means he will get more vulnerable and open up his heart. He will start to share his dreams and goals with you, as well as his fears and insecurities. 

As mentioned before, men don’t have a lot of opportunities for real emotional intimacy, because they are taught to be strong and less vulnerable. 

This is why a woman often becomes their main confidant.

2. He cares about your emotional well-being 

When a man opens up to you emotionally, he does not just dump all his mental stress on you but shares a part of himself with you. 

He will tell you about his anxieties and stressors and what keeps him up all night, to truly connect. And he wants you to do the same because he cares about your emotional well-being.

He will be interested in how you are doing and what is going on in your brain. And by being vulnerable with him, you deepen the emotional connection even more.

3. He communicates in times of stress

If there is one thing that most of us are used to, then it is that men like to shut down and pull away in times of stress. 

It’s their way of dealing with it. 

However, when a man feels emotionally attached to you, he will confide in you in times of stress. He will consider you his support system and want to communicate. 

That is a very important sign that he caught feelings. Because there is nothing men will want to hide more than their weakness. So, take it from me, if you experience this, it’s a sign he is getting emotionally attached to you.

signs a man is emotionally connected to you

4. He asks for your opinion

This goes hand in hand with the previous one. A promising sign of emotional attraction from a man is that he asks you for your opinion or even advice. 

Because men want to impress their girlfriends, they tend to avoid sharing their challenges or problems. Rather than asking for “help”, they will often try to figure it out without you knowing. 

That’s why you can be sure a guy is emotionally attached when he feels comfortable asking you for your opinion or advice. It means that all walls have come down and he feels good to be completely himself with you.

5. He sees you as his safe haven

Sign number five that a man is emotionally attached to you is my favorite one. 

It’s when your bae sees you as his safe haven. And one way to tell is that your presence becomes appreciated. Whenever you are around him, he feels at peace. Knowing that he can relax and unwind around you. 

Most of the time he will give you non-verbal cues or demonstrate with his body language that he loves having you around. If your man hugs, cuddles, or gives you sweet little kisses whenever he passes you, chances are high you have triggered his emotional attraction.

6. He shares his wins with you

We all have that one person that we call whenever something good happens in our life. Maybe your best friend, your mother, or your sister. 

When a man opens up to you emotionally, you often become that person to him. The one he wants to share his wins with. 

Maybe because you have been there through the ups and downs, or maybe because you are the first person he thinks of when he feels good. 

Either way, when a man wants to celebrate his milestones with you, it means that he has caught feelings for you.

7. He makes you part of his life/ future

Did you know that attachment increases when we invest in someone? Meaning that the more he emotionally invests in you, the more he gets attached to you. 

Whenever a man consciously decides to make you part of his life and plans your future together, he is leaning into the relationship and therefore investing. A man that is committed to the relationship and all in, declares that he is willing to invest emotionally, physically, and romantically.

 And of course, we know that that is a big statement and signals that he is truly invested.

signs he caught feelings

What does it mean when a man is emotionally attached to you?

Now that we have done the heavy lifting and determined the signs that a man is getting emotionally attached, of course, we want to know why that is so important.

As mentioned earlier, emotional attachment between you and your man builds the foundation for love. Because we can only create an emotional connection with someone by being vulnerable, authentic, and kind with each other. All important attributes that are needed for a real loving relationship.

Therefore, when a man is emotionally attached to you in a healthy way, he starts caring for you on a deeper level. He will want to spend quality time with you whenever possible and try to be close physically and emotionally often.

How do you know if you’re emotionally attached to someone?

As women, it often seems like we get emotionally attached to men quickly. But I don’t believe that’s true. Being vulnerable and open with someone is just as hard for women, then it is for men. 

The only difference is that we know how to be.

That’s why you will know if you’re emotionally attached to a guy if you feel connected to them on an emotional level. You understand him completely and even mirror his feelings sometimes. Being in his presence makes you feel good and you are completely comfortable being your authentic self. 

You take interest in who he is as a person and the things he likes to do. Not because you care about his hobbies and job, but because you care about him and how those aspects of his life make him feel. 

Can you relate? Leave your comments down below.

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