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How To Build A Better Relationship

How to build a better relationship

Unlike what we see in telenovelas and romantic series, healthy, beautiful, and peaceful relationships do not magically happen.

A good relationship results from commitment, forgiveness, compromise, acceptance, and effort. That relationship you envy doesn’t happen overnight. It was deliberately built.

Every relationship has its uniqueness. However, in every relationship, there are difficult chapters that have to be worked through.

Most couples going through tumultuous times in their relationship are either unwilling to compromise or seeking to change their spouse to suit their will. No matter how unique your relationship is, you must be intentional about making it work.

There are ways to build a better relationship with your partner. Instead of waiting for your partner to change, you can be the change you want to see.

We are emotional beings; we respond to emotional signals.

Probably the bond hasn’t been as tight as it once was; it is time to take a step toward strengthening it. In this article, you will learn practical ways to create a better relationship and enjoy the beauty of companionship.

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Why is bonding important in a relationship?

It is not enough to have a relationship; you need to have a fulfilling relationship. Many couples break up because they can’t seem to bond; they don’t connect.

Bonding and connecting are very vital for a successful relationship. Nothing good comes easy.

However, most people don’t know that bonding does not come by default. After the initial euphoria of falling in love, you must take deliberate steps.

You must maintain meaningful emotional connections and make each other feel loved and valued. 

When the bond is tight, compromises and working together to achieve a goal will come easy. Without the bond, the relationship will be peaceful coexistence or mere tolerance with no fulfillment whatsoever.

It is safe to say a healthy relationship equals a healthy life. You need to feel secure in your relationship.

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8 Ways to strengthen your relationship bond

Building a healthy relationship is worth all the investment and effort. Below are eight effective steps to building a better relationship:

1. Always Communicate

Communication is key to building any kind of meaningful relationship. Communication helps you to connect emotionally with your partner.

A romantic relationship is in danger when effective communication is lacking. To strengthen your relationship bond, ensure you talk about anything and everything. You can work it out no matter your differences as long as you’re still communicating.

Instead of waiting for your partner to guess your needs, tell them what you need. Don’t just expect your partner to know everything.

We are all humans, after all. If you feel like you can’t really communicate and every conversation sparks an argument, it’s worth trying couples counseling.

You can contact expert couples counselors in your local area or even start counseling online.

Talking to a third party that can guide you to better understand each other is stated to be very successful for improving the relationship and strengthening the mutual bond. 

2. Learn To Apologize

As simple as this sounds, the unwillingness to acknowledge a wrong is a common reason why relationships don’t last.

Apologizing does not mean you are weak; you’re willing to make your relationship work.

3. Forgive Easily

In a relationship, offenses and clashes of opinions are inevitable. You should not, however, allow it to build into grudges and malice.

You want to cultivate the habit of forgiving easily.

Another thing is that when you ignore, do not refer to the issue at any given opportunity. Total forgiveness makes your partner feel loved despite their shortcomings.

4. Be Willing To Listen

When communication is one-sided in a relationship, it can make the other party feel unvalued and less critical. What’s bothering you etc. can, can go a long way.

Listening to your spouse’s thoughts, concerns and feelings can create an inseparable bond. 

You can ask even when your partner is not coming forth with issues. Simple questions like, how do you feel about this? Do you think I should do this?

Do not pretend to be listening; give your full attention to what your partner is saying. This will foster a more robust, deeper, and meaningful connection between you.

5. Create Beautiful Experiences

It’s always good to shake things up a bit in your relationship. Try to break out of your routine. Create beautiful and noble experiences together to avoid boredom.

You know your spouse’s interests; you can pick one Saturday to explore such interests.

Beyond going to a restaurant for a classy or usual meal, you can go on adventurous dates. Even when things get a little rocky, the memories of these dates will keep you going.

6. Have Healthy Arguments

Yes! Healthy arguments are achievable. There are ways to argue without making your partner feel less of themselves. Do not say things to hurt your partner deliberately. Avoid saying things that you don’t mean. 

Healthy arguments also suggest you don’t leave matters unresolved. After airing your grievances, ensure you reach a compromise on the issue.

7. Don’t Be Scared Of Being Emotional Or Vulnerable

Let your partner see the emotional part of you. It makes them feel needed and loved. Expose your inner self, get intimate and emotional. 

Most people are scared of getting hurt; they still keep a part of them as a no-go area from their partners.

Letting your partner see you in your vulnerable state can strengthen the bond of your relationship. Do things that can improve your level of intimacy.

8. Show Little Acts Of Kindness

Most times, it is not the big things that touch the heart but the little acts of care and compassion.

That little call to check up on the headache, the little gift you saw on your way from work, amongst others, can go a long way in building your relationship bond.

9. Love Your Spouse Unconditionally

Do not show love based on external factors. Always show your partner that you love them, even when things are not so great.

Being there for your partner at their lowest will build intimacy, companionship, and trust in your relationship. Start working on these relationship tips and head to our blog for more on how to build a better relationship.

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