What Makes a Man Fall in Love

Let’s be honest, dating would be so much easier if we didn’t have to deal with a whole other human being that doesn’t think or act like us women AT ALL. At times it seems like men are so complicated, especially when it comes to love.

So, we end up asking ourselves “What makes a man fall in love?” … like at all.

While I don’t recommend obsessing about the thought process of a man with regards to his feelings about you, I do understand why it is such a burning question. After all, love is a very intimate feeling that is best experienced when both of you feel the same.

Even though there is only one way on how to know if a guy loves you (ASK!), there are things you can do to make a man fall in love. I did some research for you ladies and found out what makes a man fall in love and commit. Here are 6 well-kept secrets on how guys fall in love.

What makes a man fall in love

1. Joy

We all know the saying “a woman’s most beautiful curve is her smile”. And funny enough that’s true. If it wasn’t, none of these supermodels would be considered beautiful right.

A smile is the physical evidence of joy. And if you are a joyful person, meaning someone who experiences the beauty of life and lets other people take part in it, then you possess one of the most attractive qualities in a woman.

You have to understand that what makes a man fall in love with a woman is her ability to enrich his life. And one way you can do that is by adding happiness to it, by being your most joyful and authentic self.

Because a man falls in love with the woman that can make the ordinary extraordinary and infuse fun into the mundane.

2. Positivity

In contrast to us, the nature of a man is to be future-focused and goal-oriented. That means that they spend a lot of time, planning, preparing and unfortunately worrying.

The blessing of femininity, on the other hand, is a greater connection to the current and positivity. Therefore, as a woman, you have the power to make him forget about these worries and tune into the beauty of the now. 

Your positive attitude and faith encourage you to believe in love and the beauty of life. Because the belief that all things work together for good is the only thing that keeps you going when a situation seems dark and hopeless. That is a trait that a lot of men love in women because it gives them hope.

Does that mean that every woman is more positive than every man? Absolutely not! But one thing a man thinks when he falls in love with you is the fact that he feels good around you and is inspired to be his best self.

So, what easier way to make someone fall in love with then by encouraging and uplifting him by being positive.

3. Passion and Purpose

I know the words passion and purpose are over-exposed, but they both actually play a big role when it comes to attractiveness. Because what makes a man fall in love with a woman is to see her come alive for a cause.

Whether you are passionate about baking and love to make others happy by creating beautiful pastries and desserts. Or you love to teach your family and friends how to take care of their hair and by that help them feel more beautiful and empowered.

Having a passion or purpose for something that serves others inspires a man. It gives him the assurance that you are a good person and cares for more than just yourself.

It also allows him to see what drives you in life. Because by having a vision for your life and knowing where you want to be in a few years’ time you give him an idea of your goals and dreams and help him identify if these match his.

What Makes a Man Fall in Love

4. Allow Him to Lead

Men are very simple creatures. One of the key ways to make a guy fall in love with you is if he feels like he is able to solve your problems and thus worthy of being loved by you.

Why is that so important to him? Easy. Because a man’s sense of self is defined by his ability to achieve results. Meaning he feels good about himself when he is able to figure things out. If he is able to be the man.

So, a woman that can make him feel good about himself because she allows him to figure things out on his own becomes attractive to him. Because he feels needed and appreciated when he is around her.

That does not mean that you have to play dumb or pretend to never know anything. What it means is that you have to learn to allow him to do his thing without you interfering all the time and being a know it all.  

5. Respect

I’m currently reading a book by Emerson Eggerichs, called “Love and Respect” and in it, the author says that women need love and men need respect.

While I’m not going to go too deep into the research he does, I found that a few of the points he mentions why men have a great need to feel respected in their relationship are interesting.

Like I briefly mentioned in the last point, a man wants to be perceived as competent, able and worthy of your love but also of your respect.

And he will do his best to earn both, by showing you that he can lead, that he can provide and that he can solve your problems.

Therefore, a woman who shows appreciation and respects the effort that a man puts into the relationship gives him reassurance that he is with the right woman because she confirms that he is able to care for her.

Because truth be told the pressure men feel to provide a comfortable living for their future family is real. And there is nothing more discouraging for them then feeling like they are a failure at it.

But what is probably even more important is to understand that for a man respect translates into love. Meaning that if a woman shows him that she respects his ideas, trusts his decisions and allows him to act upon it, he feels loved.

That’s why a man will fall in love with a woman that feels like she is on his team and therefore someone he wants to keep around.

6. Vulnerability

Unfortunately, in society men are often expected to be emotionally controlled and never really taught how to express their feelings. Therefore, they learn much later, if ever, how to be vulnerable.

And oftentimes that principle is introduced to them by a woman.

A woman that is vulnerable and not afraid to share her authentic self with a man allows him to do the same and share his pain, his fears, and his truth. She offers him a safe haven for his emotions to land without judgment.

By creating this newfound freedom of being himself around you, you help him to open up more and therefore spark feelings of love and familiarity. You become very hard to replace because you now become home to him – the place where he can feel safe enough to be himself.

The one thing that happens to a man when he falls in love, is that the woman of his choosing becomes special to him and stands out from the crowd because she is able to relate to him like no one else.

What makes men fall in love

In conclusion, men fall in love with the woman that makes them feel alive. Each one of these 7 traits mentioned above does that in its own right, by either giving him a new sense of excitement, helping him feel and express his emotions or infuse joy into the mundane moments of life.

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