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Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Signs he wants a serious relationship with you

When you start dating someone new, you constantly wonder whether the man you are dating is looking for the same thing as you – a long-term relationship.

Because the last thing you want to do is to get emotionally attached to someone who doesn’t see a future together.

But if you are anything like I used to be then you might be afraid to ask him straight up.

And I get it, trust me.

This is why today I’m sharing the 10 signs he wants a serious relationship with you.

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10 Signs he wants a serious relationship with you

1. He pursues you

When a man is truly interested in being with you, he will show you. You won’t ask yourself: “Does he want to be with me?”, because he will pursue you hard.

You won’t have to constantly wonder where he is or what your relationship status is because his actions align with his words.

Instead, with the right guy, you will feel that you have his attention because he checks in on you on a daily basis and is eager to keep the communication going. 

2. He is consistent

A strong sign that he wants to be your boyfriend is that he is consistent.

A man that is serious about getting into a real relationship with you, wants to make a good impression, and wants to find out as much about you as possible.

He will use every opportunity to talk to you. You will receive a text message from him during his lunch break or a phone call when he is on his way home from work.

In addition, he will make time to meet up in person consistently to forge a strong relationship.

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3. He progresses the relationship

One of the biggest signs that a man is looking for a long-term partner is that he will be intentional.

He will gradually increase the amount of time he spends with you and look for opportunities to increase his involvement in your life.

Instead of just going on evening dates once a week he will want to see you more frequently and for longer periods of time and in different settings.

He will move from dating to courting quickly.

How do you tell if he wants a serious relationship?

4. He respects your boundaries

If the guy that you are seeing respects your boundaries, then it means that he is truly interested in you and wants to see if the relationship can get to the next level. 

Because a man who wants to remain in your life for a long time doesn’t mind meeting your requirements.

He understands that they are in place for a good reason.

However, if he is the kind of guy who keeps pushing you or even complaining about them, then that’s a sure sign that he is not the right person for you.

What are the signs that a man is serious about you?
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5. He opens up to you

A man who wants a committed relationship will want to be intimate by sharing more of himself. It is actually a psychological sign that someone likes you. 

He will share the things he loves, fears, and desires with you because he wants you to be a part of his world. 

That is a big deal! It signifies that he is ready for a new level of intimacy and developing an emotional soul tie with you.

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6. He makes (future) plans

A man that wants to make you his girlfriend, will book himself into your calendar. He will make sure that he gets to see you throughout the week. 

And he will do so ahead of time because he doesn’t want to risk losing you to someone else.

He will invite you to his favorite activities or existing plans with his friends. He will find free time and allocate it to you early.

signs he wants a serious relationship with you

7. The relationship is peaceful

Point number seven is one of the key signs to identify a man’s readiness for a relationship. 

A man who gives you inner peace and is reliable really wants to be in a relationship.

Because he is putting in the effort needed to sustain the relationship, even when conflicts arise. 

No awkward gaps in your courting phase where you are wondering whether you are on the same page.

But instead, you can feel and see that he is truly interested in you. His words and his actions align, and you feel in your gut that he is a good choice.

8. He brings up the tough conversations

An obvious sign that a man wants a committed relationship is that he will be the one to bring up tough topics. 

Instead of allowing any misunderstandings to lead to arguments and resentment, he will encourage heart-to-heart conversations. 

A man who is ready to be in a relationship understands that challenges are part of it and is not afraid to tackle them.

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9. He is affectionate toward you

Another very easy way to find out if he wants a serious relationship is that your guy will seek to be close to you. 

From public displays of affection to taking cute pictures, to spending romantic evenings together. 

All he wants is to be around you and be affectionate. 

His body language is open and inviting and you feel desired by him.

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10. He makes you part of his life

Last, but certainly not least, a great sign he wants a serious relationship with you, is that the guy you are dating makes you part of his life.

Meaning you are part of his routine.

The difference between casual dating and a committed relationship is that you share your lives with each other.

So, if he is already doing that, it’s a very important sign he is ready for a committed and healthy relationship.

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