By Michaela Doe

July 22, 2020

9 Ways God Prepares You For Marriage

How do you know if God is getting you ready for marriage and a life partner? In this post, I share clear signs God is preparing you for marriage!

1. Contentment in your singleness

When God prepares you for a relationship you start to be at peace with your current season of life. You are fully embracing the present, and trusting in God's plan for your future.

2. Growing sense of self-awareness

The next sign is a growing sense of self-awareness and grace for others. You will find that you're better able to extend grace and understanding to others, even in difficult circumstances.

3. Desire to build community

Another clear sign God is a desire to build Christ-centered relationships and be part of a community with shared values and faith.

4. Opportunities for personal growth

When God prepares you for a godly spouse, you may find that you're being challenged and stretched in your personal and professional life. You are being developed and better equipped to love and serve your future family.

5. A spirit of generosity

When God prepares you for marriage you will increasingly feel drawn to show unconditional love by serving and loving others in practical ways. This can include volunteering, or simply looking for ways to show kindness and compassion to those around you.

6. An urge to improve your finances

You are increasingly more motivated to get your finances in order and to develop the skills and habits necessary to become a responsible and supportive partner.

7. A motivation to learn to be a homemaker

As God prepares you for marriage, you will find that you're more interested in developing the skills to create a warm, welcoming home for your future spouse and family. This might include learning how to cook, clean, and organize.