What to do on valentine’s day single 

Valentine’s Day is upon us and whether you are in a relationship or spending valentines alone, February 14th is a day you deserve a treat.

Celebrating love comes in many ways. It can refer to the love between two people, the love you have for your family, but also self-love.

Yes girl, show some love to yourself!

So, instead of moping around on your couch, wishing you had a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day and watching a Gilmore Girls’ marathon, make it a point to enjoy this day for yourself.

Here are 8 ideas on how to spend valentine’s day single.

8 Valentine's Day Ideas every single girl should try

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1. Pamper yourself

No matter if you go to a spa, get a Thai massage or a mani-pedi, get out and treat your body to its favorite feel-good moment. Because if your body feels good it’s only a matter of time until your mind does.

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What to do on valentines day single

2. Take a trip

Now I’m not talking about a 7-day trip to Paris (even though if you can why not), but more about a trip out of town.

Google a lake, forest or small town nearby and go explore. Use the day to reconnect with yourself and enjoy the small things like nature, solitude, and freedom.

3. Go on a Shopping Spree

Attention, before considering this valentine’s day idea, please check your bank account!

Okay now that we have that PSA out the way, let me share my real thoughts. Shopping has a way of making us girls feel good, so give your endorphins a little push and shop at your favorite store.

No need to get 10 dresses, but maybe a shirt or two? Think about the clothes you need for spring anyways and just get stocked up a little early.

Don’t have the money to spend? No problem! Indulge in some window shopping at a luxury boutique instead. That will make you feel like a thousand bucks for a day.

being single on valentines day

4. Get creative

Been wanting to redecorate your room, try out this super time-consuming recipe, or just have a go at a DIY project in general. Go ahead, this is your day.

Being able to accomplish something you’ve been postponing awards a great sense of accomplishment and will make you feel good every time you see it.

5. Try something new

Following the last idea, trying out something you have never done is my top recommendation for a great Valentine’s day idea. Don’t waste your life waiting to do all the fun things until you have a man.

Instead, sign up for the Salsa class downtown, dare to go skydiving or visit a pottery class. 

6. Volunteer

While I’m not suggesting to go and help out people in need so you can feel better about yourself. Instead, go and spread some love.

Get somebody else to smile, by helping out in your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, playing bingo at the elderly center across town or landing a hand at the animal shelter you like.

7. Sweat

Another great way to release endorphins is to exercise. No matter if you go to the gym, do a few laps at the pool or take a hot yoga class. Working out will make you feel good about yourself and give you a nice energy boost.

how to spend valentine’s day single

8. Celebrate Galentines

Last but not least, plan a good old girl’s night out or in. Boo’ed up or not invite your favorite girlfriends over for a night of fun, food, and foolishness.

Galentine’s day is a great excuse to have a ladies’ night. So why not mix cocktails, bake muffins or go out and dance until your feet fall off.

galentines day

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you celebrate love and life.

So, if you are wondering what to do on valentine’s day single? I truly think that these ideas on how to spend valentine’s day single will make you feel fabulous and loved!

What To Do On Valentine’s Day Single

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4 Comments on What To Do On Valentine’s Day Single

  1. What a fabulous list! I especially like the idea of Galentines Day! I’m a wordy person, though not clever enough myself, I always am inspired by people who come up with clever names!
    I’m pinning this! ????

  2. I’m happy you like the list :). Don’t worry I didn’t come up with that name myself neither :p

  3. Let a man approach on a while you’re on a shopping spree volunteering or you’re on a trip, if he’s single and nice. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about if you’re single? Openness to the right man if he has the same interests as you? You’ll thank God for that hidden blessing. 😉

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