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Online Dating Tips For Beginners

Online dating seems like an exciting concept. Most users like the idea of meeting new people online. This might be the reason why the number of users on online dating apps has increased.

However, people are unaware of the threats they can face on such sites.

Many types of romance scams exist on online dating sites, and according to ExpressVPN, the number of scam accounts has increased with the number of new users on dating sites.

Scammers find it easy to use such sites as they can simply hide behind a fake profile and set up traps for unsuspecting victims. The increasing use of dating sites and applications has resulted in providing a better hiding space for scammers.

With millions of users, it is easy for scammers to blend in with the crowd and maintain their anonymity.

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The Dangers Of Online Dating

There are many online dating sites available for users. These dating sites allow users to create profiles and share images so that they can meet new people in their area.

However, most dating sites have now increased the radius for users to meet people from anywhere in the world. Even though this is quite exciting as people can interact with users from other countries, this increased radius has made it better for scammers, who can now target people anywhere in the world.

Dating Tips To Protect Yourself

Creating your first online dating profile can be exhilarating. However, users must not forget the dangers that they can face on online dating sites due to this excitement.

Your problems can start from something as minimal as a fake profile that intends to catfish you. There are also cases of people getting scammed out of money on dating sites.

With the increasing number of scams on online dating sites, it is important to learn how to protect yourself. People must be wary of any matches that they have.

Do not disclose private information in the initial conversation. Be it your home address, phone number, or email address, try not to provide such information to someone you just started talking to.

If someone keeps pressuring for such information, it is better to block them.

Try to avoid people who force you to answer personal questions. Also, avoid any users who keep asking you for explicit images. The length of conversations you have had with someone is not an indicator of safety.

People you feel attached to on social media apps can also betray you easily.

You must not forget that scammers specialize in gaining people’s trust so they can use them to earn some easy cash. You should also stay cautious and create boundaries while talking to people anyone.

Additionally, do not agree to send money to someone under any circumstance. Scammers might try to use emergencies as an excuse to get money from you.

Some victims have also stated that they provided money to a scammer so that they could come to meet them. However, these tactics are simply a way for scammers to make money.

To ensure that someone is who they claim to be, you should plan to meet up with them. However, even if someone agrees to meet, be careful and try to meet in a public space. It is very easy to get mugged if you meet someone in a secluded area.

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Common Online Dating Scams

Online dating sites are crawling with catfishers and scammers. These cyber criminals try to use pictures of conventionally attractive people to lure in their victims.

Scammers tend to set up traps for people and are usually super charming. If you see a profile that seems almost perfect, chances are it is fake, and you are being catfished.

There are many types of online dating scams. The most common way for scammers to get money from users on online dating sites is for fake medical emergencies.

More often than not, scammers also try to come up with excuses like a flat tire to ask for money from users. There have also been cases of scammers asking for money to get a cab or food.

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the military love scam. These scammers tend to lure rich women and pretend to be in the military. They then ask for small amounts of money from time to time for necessities.

Recently a scam worth half a million dollars was uncovered. Some men were using multiple women to get money for themselves under the guise of working for the military and needing money.

Scams like that are more frequent than authorities would like to admit. It is also quite difficult to trace such people. Similarly, extortion cases have also increased in number on online dating apps.

There are many advantages to using online dating sites and applications. These sites allow users to meet new people and make friends easily without going out of the home.

However, the popularity of online dating sites has made it easier for cyber criminals to hide from normal users.

The criminals usually target multiple people, hoping that at least a few will be gullible enough. It is the responsibility of users of online dating apps to be more cautious and protect themselves from such scammers.

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