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How to manifest love into your life

How to manifest love into your life

How to manifest love? I didn’t know whether to put an exclamation mark or a question mark behind it, because the more I think about it, the more new ways of doing it, present themselves. 

In the past few weeks, I have studied the topic of manifestation deeply. I started reading “Ask and it is given” as well as listening to many coaches and experts on that topic. 

First and foremost, to share it with you ladies, but also to manifest greater love into my life. Because I recently went through a breakup I am more motivated than ever to fine-tune and clarify my manifestation.

Because when you experience what you don’t want you to identify what you do want. 

In this post, I’m sharing the steps I’m following as of summer 2021 on how to manifest love into your life.

how to manifest love into your life

What does it mean to manifest anything? 

As always, I want to answer several questions and myths before I get into the meat of things. And for those of you that are new to the topic of manifestation, you may not yet completely understand what it means to manifest anything.

For one, because people love to use the word “manifestation” for everything. To the point that some people confuse it with wishing, hoping, and praying for something to happen.

But that’s not true. 

Manifesting something means that you are consciously turning your non-physical desires into tangible outcomes by taking intentional steps, guided by your unwavering belief. 

To put it into simple words. It means that you are attracting the things you want into your life, by taking inspired action based on your unwavering belief that they are already available to you.

And while this may sound easy, I have learned over the past couple of years that it is not. Because believe it or not, a lot of us think and act opposite of what we say we believe. Especially, when it comes to manifesting a relationship.

How to start manifesting?

The number one thing I find you have to understand to start manifesting is that you need to get crystal clear on what it is you want.

If you want to manifest love into your life, it is not enough to just say “I want to attract love”. You have to know exactly what that love feels like, looks like, and what its purpose is to attract it. 

Because once you ask, it is given. And if you’re not specific enough, you won’t like whatever you get. 

Once you know what you want it is then time to start manifesting by using specific techniques. The following manifestation techniques are what I am using to manifest a husband. 

how to start manifesting

Can you manifest love with a specific person?

The answer is yes! You can manifest love with a specific person. How do I know? Because I have done it before. And back then I did not even know I was doing it. 

However, manifesting love with a specific person actually means that you have to let go of that specific person. And we will get more into detail about why later. 

But for now, just know that the key to manifesting love is to focus on the love you would like to experience. Not the person. And rather than fixating on a specific outcome, allowing things to evolve naturally. 

One thing I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein early on is that every time you ask for something you end it with “either this or something better”. By doing that you allow your manifesting to unfold in a way that is best for you. 

However, what if that specific person is your ex?

How to manifest love with an ex?

As mentioned above, I recently got out of a relationship. And the truth is, I got back together with my ex. And I do believe I manifested it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clear enough about what type of relationship I wanted, and we eventually found ourselves in different seasons of our life. 

But I’m saying this to say that it is indeed possible to manifest love with an ex. How to manifest love with an ex? 

By following the same steps that I’m about to share below. However, this time you want to connect to the love the two of you shared. Rather than focusing on everything that went wrong in the relationship and why it failed. 

You have to focus on the type of love you want and imagine what it would feel like to experience it with him.

how to manifest love with an ex

How to manifest love into your life

Since researching and learning about manifestation I have noticed that there are four stages to it. These four stages are not mutually exclusive, but they kind of need to be mastered chronologically for you to complete the full manifestation. 

And you will soon understand why. Here is how to manifest love into your life effectively.

Stage 1: Get clear on your manifestation

One thing I had to understand is that the more clarity I have about what I want to manifest and how I want to feel, the faster and more precise that love will be. 

That is something most people don’t understand or are hesitant to try. A lot of women are worried that they are eliminating good men if they are too picky. But I believe you are not eliminating good men, you are just becoming a better magnet to the right men. 

Which means that the wrong ones are naturally falling off. 

To get crystal clear on the love you are trying to manifest you have to get to know yourself better and understand how you receive love the best. And there are three ways I like to do that.


The first manifestation practice I want to share is meditation. By getting into a state of calm and detaching from the outside world for a period of time you learn to hone into your thoughts and feelings. 

Practice listening to your breath and observing your thoughts without judgment. 

How does the idea of love make you feel? What feels good to you and what feels bad to you? By being still and going within, you give your mind time to reset and align your thoughts and feelings with the love you are trying to call in.


This practice is something I love doing right after meditating. Journaling is the art of writing down your thoughts. Simply stating on paper what is really going on in your head is such a freeing exercise. You get to ask yourself tough questions and answer them from a place of complete vulnerability. 

Journaling will help you identify your needs and wants better while listening to your deepest desires.

how to manifest a relationship with someone

Stage 2: Formally ask

As a Christian, I have known about Matthew 7:7 for a long time. We all know the scripture and believe that God will open the door for us when we knock. Yet, a lot of times I hesitate to make use of that. 

Well, as I was studying how to manifest a relationship with someone, it became very apparent that you have to formally ask. Not because God, has to hear you say it, but because the act of speaking or writing it helps you focus on it. And here is how.

Set an intention:

I like to say that the asking part is you setting an intention. You are telling the world that you are putting your hat into the ring and going for what you desire. This can be done verbally by praying or communicating it to a friend. My friend Alia has become my manifestation/ accountability partner and is always the first one I tell about my plans. It helps because now I feel obligated to actually put in the work. 

Vision Board

Of course, we all know about Vision Boards. And even though many of us have created them before, you might not have used them correctly. A vision board is supposed to be an extension of your intention. It’s the written word in a visual picture. This means a powerful vision board will reflect your desire back to you and remind you of what it is you are manifesting (daily).

God Box

I created my first God Box when I read Calling In The One last year. And it was a game-changer. It’s a little box, in my case Tupperware, where I have several post-its inside that have my desires written on them. The idea behind it is that each time you add a new desire to the God Box you are surrendering it to God. Meaning you can’t stress or worry about it while it’s in the box. It is your way of saying “God, this is what I want and I trust you to bring it to pass”. It’s a beautiful way to formally ask, but also a Segway into stage 3. 

how to manifest a relationship with a specific person

Stage 3: Believe that it is going to happen

There is no doubt that stage 3 is the hardest one. Because it is hard to believe something you can’t see. Yet, as Christians, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight. Which is literally how you manifest love into your life. You have to believe that your future husband is on his way, even if he has not shown up in your life yet. Easier said than done. I know. But here are ways you can practice believing.

Take inspired action 

When you know something is about to happen, you act in ways that align with that event. That’s what taking inspired action means. You have to get ready for whatever it is you are manifesting. 

Meaning if you are manifesting love, you have to get ready to be a wife. Maybe that includes buying nicer underwear, making space in your closet, or wearing specific jewelry like a ring on your ring finger. 

By doing these little things you are putting yourself in situations where you experience what it feels like to be the person living your manifestation and therefore aligning with its energy.

Gratitude for where you are

Another very powerful manifestation technique is the state of gratitude. To successfully manifest your future husband, you want to signal that you are grateful for everything you have in your life and therefore calling in more great things. 

Doesn’t make sense yet? See it this way! If your energy is constantly giving off a feeling of lack and misery, you attract more lack and misery. But if your energy gives off joy and gratitude you keep attracting these to be joyful and grateful about. 

This is why writing a gratitude list with all the people you love and are grateful for can be a very powerful practice when attracting love.

Surrender your timeline

And lastly, when you believe that something is going to happen, no matter what, a timeline becomes redundant. 

Holding on to your idea of when and how things need to happen, is a sign that you don’t believe in God’s ability to make it happen in perfect time. Which becomes the biggest resistance to calling in love. 

But by surrendering your timeline and trusting that it is already happening, you are releasing all worry and blockage. Therefore, you become a powerful magnet to your desire. And believe me, I know how hard it can be. But it is the most important step in manifestation. 

These are some of the steps I am taking to manifest love, and I am excited to share my journey with you.

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