Signs of a soulmate connection

Have you ever experienced a connection with a man that you just can’t explain? 

Maybe you recently met a guy and you just clicked and it feels like the two of you have known each other for years.

While these soulmate connections are rare, they do happen. I have witnessed them with girls that ended up becoming good friends of mine. But also with a man that ended up becoming my favorite boyfriend. 

And sometimes they happen with strangers and you end up wondering what does that unexplainable connection with someone mean.

Signs of a soulmate connection

What does a soulmate connection feel like? 

I believe that we only experience an unexplainable connection with someone that is soulmate material.

A soulmate connection, in its essence, feels like you have known the other person your whole life. He feels so familiar to you that you immediately feel comfortable around him.

Even though you barely know him you feel like you can open up, be vulnerable and show up as your authentic self. He understands you and you understand him and you don’t feel the need to or put on a persona. 

When you have a soulmate connection with someone, it means that you found someone you can be yourself with.

signs you found your soulmate

Do both soulmates feel the connection? 

If the guy you are experiencing the strong connection with is really your soulmate, then he will feel it too. He will an unexplainable connection to you and be eager to get to know you. 

Both of you will feel like you were meant to be together. And even though you can’t explain why, you just know. But if you really want to know how to recognize soulmate connection, then the following list is for you.

10 Signs of a soulmate connection 

Of course, different people will experience different soulmate connection signs, however, the ones below are what I know to be true for myself.

1. You feel connected to him

The most obvious sign of a soulmate connection is that you feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally connected to him. 

When you have an unexplainable connection with someone you think about him and sometimes even dream about him all the time. 

And oftentimes, that connection remains the same even after the relationship ended or you parted ways. That is because soulmates are energetically connected to each other which makes them feel so close. 

2. You feel like you have known each other forever

One of the most surprising signs of an unexplainable connection with someone is that you feel like you have known him (forever). 

He instantly feels familiar and as if he has been part of your life forever. 

He can read your thoughts, your body language, and your mood. And on top of that, his ability to calm you down Is like that of your closest friends or mother.

3. You feel comfortable around him

The best thing about a soulmate connection, however, is that you can be completely yourself around him. 

You don’t need to put on an act in order to seem attractive. You get to show up as yourself and know that he appreciates it. 

You feel like you can finally be your authentic self and are not afraid to be rejected by him.

4. You feel each other’s pain 

This point is probably the most exhausting signs of a soulmate connection. And that is that you can feel each other’s pain.

When my boyfriend and I were broken up I would feel when he was in pain, even though we had not talked in months. I would feel very sad and depressed for no reason and experience a very sharp pain in my stomach. 

A strong connection to someone, means that you share their feelings, good and bad.

how to recognize soulmate connection

5. You feel home when you are with him

This is my favorite sign of a soulmate connection! 

There is a saying that “home is where the heart is”. For a traveller like that used to mean my favorite travel destination – The USA.

However, once you experience a soulmate connection with someone, home becomes where he is.

His hugs make you feel safe and his voice calms you down. When you are with him you forget everything around you and just enjoy being present.

6. You feel understood by him

One of the most important signs of a soulmate connection is that you feel understood by him. 

He just gets you.

No matter if you are frustrated or excited, he understands your behavior and reacts accordingly. He has an unusually large amount of grace for you, which makes you want to open up and share even your darkest secrets. 

There is nothing you can’t talk to him about, because he never judges you but accepts you for you.

7. You feel at peace when you are with him

One of the signs of a soulmate connection I immediately recognized in my boyfriend was the peace he brought to me. 

Contrarily, to the men I dated before, being with him does not make me anxious, confused, or stressed.

When you have a soulmate connection with someone, you will feel a peace that surpasses understanding. Rather than wondering about his intentions for you, you will feel relaxed knowing he has your best interest at heart. 

8. You have similar dreams for your lives

Finding a soulmate does not always mean that he will be in your life forever. Sometimes even soulmates are only with us for a reason, not a season. 

However, the man you share a real connection with, will share similar values and dreams with you.

You will experience synergy when it comes to the things you want to see, experience, and achieve. And your shared dreams make it easy to imagine a future together.

unexplainable connection with someone

9. Your needs and wants match 

This sign of a soulmate connection is probably the best indication of a successful relationship. The two of you have compatible needs and want and therefore can share a life together. 

When you have an unexplainable connection with someone you will bond over everything, including the things you like and dislike in friendships and relationships. 

Finding someone that understands and accepts your needs and wants is important to make a soulmate connection last.

10. You help each other heal, grow, and love

Last but not least, is my favorite sign you found your soulmate. 

He helps you heal, grow, and love. 

Soulmates always come into our lives as a blessing and act as a catalyst to real transformation. 

Because when you meet the one God has for you, you are inspired to become a better person. And that usually triggers deep spiritual, mental, or emotional work inside of you.

Such as healing from the past, or growing into the woman you are called to be, or learning to love. Your soulmate connection will help you reach a new level of yourself and set free a better version of yourself. 

Life will never be the same again after you meet your soulmate!

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  1. Thank you for posting this…I believe I’ve just met my soul mate….everything you have described fits to a tee…I’m not going to second guess this feeling that we are sharing….thank you!

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