5 high-quality Bible journaling kits you can order on Amazon

I love Bible journaling. It’s like a form of meditation and relaxation for me that comfortably combines studying with creativity. You get to journal your thoughts about the different bible verses or proverbs you read, while simultaneously expressing yourself with pictures and drawings. 

It’s beautiful!

Very similar to bullet journaling, there are different bible journaling methods meant to organize your thoughts and help you be more mindful. However, with one simple advantage, it all happens inside your bible instead of a separate journal.

Thankfully, you don’t need much to start bible journaling. All you need is a bible journaling bible. A bible that has larger margins that allow you to doodle right next to the text, like this NIV journaling bible. Or a bible that has empty pages in between, which will make it easier for you to draw entire pictures without worrying that you can’t read the scripture after. A good example of that is this beautiful pink KJV Bible I use myself. 

However, if you are ready to truly get into the Bible journaling art and are ready to try out some simple bible journaling ideas that will beautify your devotional time, then I suggest you invest into a few supplies. And the best way to do is by purchasing a bible journaling kit. 

Instead of getting your bible journaling supplies individually and from a number of different vendors, bible journaling kits include everything you need in one basket. You don’t just save shipping costs, but also a lot of unnecessary stress. 

And what better way to simplify bible journaling for beginners, than by using everybody’s favorite online retailer – Amazon. 

Of course, you can find beautiful, affordable bible journaling kits on Amazon. No matter if you are new to journaling, more of an advanced creative or a full-on bible journaling pro. Here are 5 high-quality bible journaling kits you can order on Amazon.

1. Beginner-friendly Bible Journaling Kit

The Foundations Bible Journaling Kit includes different writing tools, such as colored pencils, gel rollers and more. My personal favorite is the tracing paper pad! Because believe me or not, there is nothing worse than messing up a drawing inside your bible. 

With the Foundations Bible journaling Kit, you can also create beautiful beginner-friendly hand lettering styles that will upgrade your bible journaling game. 

As well as experimenting with watercolor for the first time, without bleeding through the pages of your precious journaling bible.

Take a look at the Foundations Bible Journaling Kit here.

2. Faber Castell

Okay, I had to throw this into the mix because it’s the brand that I use the most. 

The Faber Castell Bible Journaling Kit set focuses on crayon colors, which give you a much richer color pigment. However, they don’t wrinkle or bleed through the page and instead, these premium quality pens glide over the thin pages of your bible smoothly. 

The set comes with all the essentials you need to doodle, draw or journal. From Artist pens to different bible journaling stencils. While most of the items inside this set can still be considered bible journaling supplies for beginners, I truly think the Faber Castell Bible Journaling Kit takes it up a notch. 

Check out the Faber Castell Bible Journaling Kit here.

5 High-Quality Bible Journaling Kits

3. Illustrated Faith

It’s no secret that Dayspring and Illustrated Faith are the suppliers of everything bible journaling, prayer journaling, and bullet journaling. And they probably give you the best foundation to fall in love with God’s word. 

Therefore, the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit can not be missing in an article about 5 high-quality Bible journaling kits. And of course, even this brand is available on Amazon for your convenience. 

This bible journaling set provides nothing but quality items, such as ink and pens that don’t bleed through your pages, but also a colorful roll of wash tape and some bible journaling stickers. With so many different items in one kit, you truly get a lot for the price. 

Buy the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit here. 

4. Advanced Bible Journaling Set

Okayyy, while I cannot call myself a pro bible journaling artist yet, I knew I had to include an advanced set for those of you that are truly gifted. 

The Deluxe Bible journaling kit includes a gel roll pen set, an alphabet and number wooden stamp set, a tracing artist pack, and the famous Gesso page primer. And that’s just the highlights because of there many more items in this kit.

Because of all these different products you are able to cover a lot of different areas for all your creations and even save some money compared to purchasing it separately. And in case this is not in your budget right now, great news – Christmas is around the corner. 

Adore the Deluxe Bible Journaling Kit here. 

5. Bible Journaling Tool Kit 

Last but certainly not least I’m including the Dayspring Bible Journaling Tool Kit. Why? Because this 9-piece tool kit includes must-have tools for the more creative bible journaling prompts. 

Each of these tools facilitates beautiful designs and easy to create inspirations. 

Explore the Dayspring Bible Journaling Tool Kit here. 

This is it. My 5 high-quality Bible journaling kits that you can easily order on Amazon and save money on shipping, but also on the price itself as each of these sets are priced higher on the manufacturer’s site.

And regardless where you are on your spiritual journey of Bible journaling, I am so excited that you decided to get started and am convinced that these 5 high-quality Bible journaling kits have what you need to get started.

They will quickly answer your question of ‘how to bible journal’ or ‘how to start bible journaling’ but provide you with awesome bible journaling supplies. 

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