5 Hand lettering Techniques That Will Upgrade Your Bible Journaling Game

Hand lettering is a beautiful art often used in bible journaling. And even though I love browsing through the many inspiring Instagram and Pinterest accounts, they can seem intimidating at times.

That’s why I wanted to encourage you to dare to draw by using these 5 hand lettering techniques to upgrade your Bible Journaling game.

Hand lettering techniques

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The great thing about using these hand lettering techniques is that you don’t need a lot of Bible Journaling Supplies for that. Every design below is easily achieved with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens

1. Starry Night Hand LetteringStarry-Night hand lettering

This technique will make your hand lettering designs look magical. And all you need is a blue and white gel pen. So head over to bydawnnicole’s DIY starry night hand lettering tutorial for a full guide.

2. Brush Lettering

brush lettering

In order to master brush lettering, you use a brush and watercolors instead of a pen. And the best part is you can experiment with different colors and styles. Head on over to Surely Simple for a 3-part series on brush lettering.

5 Hand Lettering Techniques To Upgrade Your Bible Journaling Game

3. Ombre Style Blending

ombre style lettering

With this beautiful blended Ombre effect, you give your design a sense of depth and impact. By using two different colors, one lighter and one darker, you achieve a seamless look. Find out more on how to get started with ombre brush lettering on Sheena of the Journal.

4. Confetti Technique

Confetti style

This technique is super easy! All you do is add dots to the bottom or top of your letters. Again, the easiest way is to use two different pens in the same color family which differ in shade. Check out this awesome youtube tutorial for all the details.

5. 3-D Effect

3-D Handlettering

Believe it or not, the fancy 3-D effect that you’ve been eyeing is way easier to achieve than you might think. You just need to know how to master the art of adding a shadow to your letters. Check out this awesome youtube video for an example.

And if you are new to Bible Journaling and want to know how to get started hand lettering, I suggest you check out handletteringforbeginners.com.

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