Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies For Beginners

Bible Journaling or the so-called art of ‘illustrating faith’ is a beautiful way to capture your thoughts on God’s word. Just as with any other creative process, it is not limited to just one technique but includes multiple.

A few beginner-friendly bible journaling ideas are for example hand-lettering, watercolors or washi tape.

To get started, however, you need the right supplies. Luckily for us, we can find a variety of bible journaling supplies that fit any budget on Amazon. Here are my favorite bible journaling supplies that will make your quiet time beautiful.

Bible Journaling Supplies

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Journaling Bibles

Obviously, the most important resource you need to get started with Bible journaling is a Bible. And one thing you should know, is there are different types of journaling bibles you can choose from.

Some have margins that you can journal on right next to the text and others have full pages for you to create beautiful illustrations.

I, personally prefer using journaling bibles with a wide margin, as these allow me to color or journal right next to the bible verse that I am referring to.

However, if you are planning to use bible journaling supplies, such as bible journaling stencils, or anything glitter than you might consider getting a bible that has empty pages in between.

In addition, depending on the translation you prefer you might even be able to order a personalized journaling bible, which is pretty cool.

Wide Margin Bible

Coloring Bible

My Promise Journaling Bible
KJV Journaling Bible

Bible Journaling Pens/Pencils

Must have number two are bible journaling pens and pencils. No matter if you would like to create beautiful hand-lettering designs or draw a flower, you will find a pen, pencil or crayon for every type of journaling technique.

As a bible journaling beginner, I would strongly recommend getting one of the smaller bible journaling kits when it comes to pens and pencils.

Whenever I fill out a coloring page I like to use my Crayola Colored Pencils. And when I’m in the mood for hand-lettering or full-page illustrations, I like using the Crayola Brush Markers, because it has a dual tip with a fine liner on one side and a marker on the other.

Hand Lettering


Crayola Colored Pencils
Crayola Brush Markers

Bible Journaling Kit

The following tools make the whole process of bible journaling easy and enjoyable.  These products can be used for a variety of different bible journaling techniques and should be part of every bible journaling kit.

Affordable Bible Journaling Supplies For Beginners


Watercoloring is a fun and colorful way to beautify your bible. However, it is important to use the right watercolor, in order to prevent your bible pages from soaking in too much water and breaking.

You want to use a watercolor set, such as the Kuretake Watercolor Set, which includes a variety of colors but is still budget-friendly.

Bible Journaling Washi Tape

Ha! One of my favorite bible journaling supplies is washi tapes. They are easy to use and make you look creative despite the minimum effort.

Moreover, do you get a variety of different designs and styles for little money and can use them for a very long time.

Bible Journaling Stencils, Stamps & Stickers

Last but not least, stamps, stencils, and stickers. Often used to make writing words easy, stencils and stamps allow you to trace words and pictures, while stickers are simply glued on the right page.

Best is to buy stamps, stencils, and stickers that are faith-themed. That way you know that you will use up the whole pack (nothing worse than only needing 3 stickers out of a pack of 20 etc.).

As you can see the list of bible journaling supplies can get quite extensive, however as a beginner you should stick to the basics and find out which supplies you enjoy using most, before stocking up on them.

And if you don’t want to purchase each item separately, then the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit is perfect for you and includes all the must-haves.

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