7 Beginner Friendly Bible Journaling Ideas That Will Help You Get Started

For many people journaling during your quiet time with the Lord is nothing new anymore. You have been doing it for years, to record your conversations with God. And it has become an important part of your Bible Study.

But does it always have to be in the form of words? What if you could capture some of the pictures the holy spirit inspires you with during your study?

That’s where bible art journaling comes into place.

7 Bible Journaling Ideas

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What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is a creative way to meditate and reflect on God’s word. I, personally, like to describe it as a form of worship. Just like dance and song, bible journaling can be used to express how God’s word inspires you.

You can use bible journaling to reflect on the bible verses you just read or simply as an act of worship. It’s your time with God captured in words, pictures, and illustrations.

Every page is a documentation of your walk with God and the growth you experienced as a result. It doesn’t matter if you draw a full-on picture or if you just doodle throughout the pages. The colors and fonts you use become a reflection of the feelings you developed throughout your bible study.

It is also not an activity that only the creatively gifted should pursue, but something we all can get involved in. Because it’s not about the perfect art or perfect words, but about the posture of your heart towards God.

Because contrarily to what I used to think you don’t need to be an award-winning artist to get started with bible journaling. All you need is some inspiration, the right bible journaling supplies or bible journaling kit and patience. 

How to get started with Bible journaling?

Just like in your regular Bible Study, Bible Journaling is about being led by the holy spirit. So before starting, you should pray and ask God what he wants you to learn today. That way you open yourself up to his teaching and inspiration.

If you are struggling to choose the right passage to get started, consider listening to a worship song or a sermon. Those oftentimes use pictures to describe their praise and will help you to come up with beautiful illustrations.

For example, we all know that Oceans by Hillsong United talks about trusting God even if we can’t see. Now think of a story in the bible where the person had to trust Jesus in order to walk on water? Exactly, that’s pretty much what happened to Peter in Matthew 14:29-32.

On that page, for example, you could draw waves, water or the howling wind. Whatever revelation you receive from the holy spirit.

Bible journaling for beginners – step by step guide

The easiest way to get started with Bible Journaling is by using a Bible Study method that works for you.

While a lot of people like to use the S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer) or W.O.R.D. (Write, Observe, Relevant and Declare) method I like to follow my own little structure.

Pray: Ask God to open your eyes to see the meaning of his words and to soften your heart to accept his words

Observe: Write down what is happening in the passage/ verse  

  • Who wrote it, who was it written for
  • Where did it take place
  • When did it take place
  • What was the purpose of the book (Author’s intend)

Interpretation: Find out what the meaning of the words, stories are by researching their meaning

  • What did that mean to the people that listened to it (relevancy during that time)

Application: Ask God how the teaching of this passage/ verse affects your life on earth now

  • How can I apply it in my own life
  • How can I be encouraged through the words
  • How can I change because of his words

It’s really up to you to choose a Bible study method or structure that works for you. All you need is a good journaling Bible.

Bible Journaling | 7 Beginner-Friendly Bible Journaling Ideas

There are different techniques used in Bible art journaling. From hand-lettering to water coloring or drawing. Of course, it’s totally up to you what technique you would like to use.

While some people prefer to stick to the preset margins others don’t mind drawing over the text. Most important is that you capture your God-inspired pictures, rather than worry about the design.

Here are 7 fun and easy Bible journaling ideas that will help you to get started.

1. Basic Hand Lettering

Bible Journaling_Basic Hand lettering

Probably one of the most popular journaling trends at the moment, hand lettering is used to create hand-made cards, wall prints or of course beautiful bible journals. The enchanting fonts can be achieved with either a regular black sharpie, a precision pen or a brush pen.

Tip: Visit amylattacreations.com who teaches you how to succeed at basic hand lettering.

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2. Drawing Pictures

NLT Coloring bible

For less artistic people like me, this alternative of Bible journaling might just be the right one. Instead of drawing pictures from scratch you can start by using a Coloring Bible. This Bible has many pictures already printed in that are easy to color, but also a number of free pages that you can decorate as you wish.

NLT journaling bible

To create beautiful scriptural artwork you can use these Metallic Markers or these water-based Pastel Markers.

Tip: Check out likeabubblingbrook.com, who has been using that Coloring Bible for years for some inspiration.

3. Washi Tape

Bible Journaling_Washi Tape

A very straightforward and colorful technique to journal is by using washi tape. Anyone can do this and the only supply needed is a selection of washi tapes, such as these Multicolor Washi Tapes or Black & White Washi Tapes. It’s easy, affordable and pretty.

Tip: Rebekahrjones has a great youtube tutorial on how to implement washi tape bible journaling ideas.

4. Watercoloring

Bible Journaling_watercoloring

A more advanced way of Bible art journaling is by using watercolors. Even though it’s a little more demanding than coloring in Kindergarten it is still just as much fun. You can get a comprehensive watercolor set on Amazon and most of the other supplies in your local dollar store.

Tip: Head over to biblejournalingministries.com for a step-by-step guide on how to make watercolor flowers in your bible.

5. The Crayon Method

Bible Journaling_ Faber Castell Gelatos

My personal favorite Bible journaling method is working with crayons. They are rich in color and super creamy which gives them a metallic look. You can use them to create a beautiful background for hand-lettered words or create full-on pictures.

Even though I used to use basic Crayola crayons, in the beginning, I quickly learned that the consistency isn’t the best. I now use the Faber-Castell Gelatos, which are perfect for art projects.

Tip: On thesoutherncouture.com you can find a great tutorial on how to use the Faber Castell Gelatos for bible journaling.

6. Flowers

Bible art journaling_flowers

I love love love flowers. So, naturally, I had to add this bible journaling idea to the list.  

On rockthis.org, Neely Beattie shows us how to upgrade your bible art journaling skills with some simple flowers. 

15 different types that you can use individually or together to create captivating pictures and excite you every time you open your journaling Bible. 

Worried you can’t get it done? Just head over to her page and watch her bible journaling video for a step-by-step guide. 

7. Micro Bible Journaling

Micro Bible Journaling

So when I first started out Bible Journaling I did not own a journaling Bible. That since changed and I now use the NIV journaling Bible, my favorite.

However, for the ones of you that are new to Bible journaling and don’t want to invest a lot of money into getting a new Bible yet, there is an alternative. 

Micro Bible Journaling. 

In Micro Bible Journaling you use the margins of your existing Bible to draw, journal and paint. All in a much smaller space. That’s why it’s called micro journaling. 

While it might seem daunting to capture all that on a much smaller scale, Lil over at embracingthelovely.com shows us that it’s very much doable. And looks great too. 

Take a chance and try it for yourself.

I hope these tips on how to get started with Bible journaling will help youAlready a Pro? Share your favorite Beginner Friendly Bible Journaling Ideas with us BELOW!

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  1. Im new to bible journaling and love these ideas, thankyou for the links as well.
    I did a basic drawings after reading this and love it

    • Hey Jodie, that’s awesome. I love bible journaling and think these tips are easy to do even if you don’t have a lot of time. Love & Light

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