Every time I book a flight I light up. I get so excited about the new city that I start googling the best sights, search Pinterest for the hidden gems and ask my Facebook friends about do’s and don’ts at the destination.

There’s nothing I’m surer of than that ‘I love to travel’.

There’s nothing I’m surer of than that ‘I love to travel’.Click To Tweet

However, recently I understood that travel will not only teach us a lot about others but also about ourselves.

From unpleasant truths to unknown strengths, we might discover a new person along the way and get to know ourselves better. Here are the five things travel taught me about myself.

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I’m a real German

Before I started traveling I always thought that I’m German with a laid-b(l)ack twist.

Meaning, I would not feel like I’m super punctual, over-organized or a creature of habit. Turns out that I am!

When I go to a country where time seems to stand still, bus stops don’t have time schedules and flexibility becomes your most important skill, I get slightly irritated and need a day or two to adapt.

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So I’ve learned that as I plan my trips I need to do thorough research regarding the culture. That way the cultural differences won’t irritate me as much and I’m able to embrace the journey.

I am so much braver than I thought

Back home I’m in a comfortable place that I rarely get into challenging situations. I have a daily routine and most days just work out.

That slightly changes when I’m abroad. Now I need a whole lot of patience and flexibility to master my day.

Funny enough usually I don’t mind situations that I would normally avoid back home. I don’t feel overwhelmed or nervous but rather encouraged by newly found confidence. Suddenly I’m able to manage them easily.

I’m blessed

Let’s face it, just the fact that I am able to write about the experiences that I’ve made on my many travels abroad shows that I’m fortunate enough to afford oversea trips.

However, not everybody in the world is and that is something I realized while traveling. Seeing the circumstances that people in less developed parts of the world live in, made me appreciate the means and opportunities I’ve been blessed with back home and put life into perspective.

I need to let go

Like most people I think I know what I’m doing and most of the times I do it very well, right?

Well, when visiting a new country, where culture injects certain biases, standards or restrictions we might not be able or even allowed to do things the way we are used to doing them.

So I had to learn the hard way that sometimes I will have to let go and put other people in charge in order to get the desired outcome.

And you know what, I actually liked it. I enjoyed letting go of control and allowing other people to handle all the planning, guiding and negotiating from time to time. It’s a little bit like trusting God.

I love to connect

Hands down, for me the most beautiful thing about traveling is that I get to connect with the people and the culture around me, but also my inner self.

Whenever I’m away I make it a point, to go for long walks without a destination in mind. And on these walks, I always empty my mind from all the clutter and just live in the moment. I soak in the noise of the street, the cute giggles of playing children and the peaceful sound of nature. I connect to the real me and unlock all the beauty inside I tend to forget about when I’m home.

Traveling opens our eyes to our surroundings but also to our inside. And if we put in the time and open our hearts to the new and unknown it will teach us a thing or two.

5 Things I learned while Traveling

18 Comments on 5 things I learned while traveling

  1. As fun as it maybe traveling with other people, sometimes it’s nice to travel alone.I feel that traveling alone helps one to rediscover themselves and learn more about themselves.
    Great post dear

    • Yes! Traveling taught me so much and helped me avoid stereotypes. You always learn something new from the people you meet and the experiences you make 🙂

  2. Now you have me thinking that when I travel overseas it will be a good idea to research the culture first. I am a very structured person so I can see your point about a more laid back culture.

    • I really think that helps, especially because we only get frustrated if our expectations aren’t met. But if we research before hand we know what to expect 😉

  3. Great lessons you’ve learned! It’s amazing what traveling does to you. The things you see. The things you find. And the things you learn. It’s always an eye opening experience.

  4. I love the planning of traveling. I thought that you had to be a free spirit to enjoy the open road, but I’ve found that the act of researching is part of the fun for me.

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