How to find the best web hosting platform

If you are at the beginning of your Blogging journey and have not yet decided which web host you would like to choose, all the information about the different hosting options can be confusing.

Bluehost, GoDaddy, Siteground or maybe Hostgator? And what feature is the most important to look for? Bandwith? Storage? Or maybe just the price?

Whatever your current level of knowledge is, as a beginner, chances are high you will be confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. I feel for you because I’ve been there!

That’s why today I will show you how to find the best web hosting platform for you.

How to find the best web hosting platform

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So how did I choose my current web host two years ago? Truth is I don’t even remember. I only remember that I wanted a cheap hosting provider that is easy to use. But I’m pretty sure I googled it and chose whatever the big bloggers recommended.

Lucky enough, choosing GoDaddy was a pretty good choice. The installation process is easy, the price is agreeable and customer service is bomb! And so far I have not had a single problem with my websites.

But what would I do if I had to choose server hosting now with all my knowledge and experience in website development? Honestly, this time I would not rely on another blogger’s experience.

Speaking of Blogger “experience”, let me explain something to you!

Almost every blogger, including myself, that recommends a web hosting platform online and is in the business of “blogging about blogging” earns an affiliate income from his recommendations.

In the past year, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers switch their recommended web host from Bluehost to Siteground. I asked myself why, and if their claims that Bluehost is sooo much worse were true. Truth is I have used Bluehost for each of my client’s websites and all of them work perfectly fine!

So what made these bloggers switch?

It wasn’t until I took a blogging class that I got my revelation! Siteground pays $125 affiliate income for every person that signs up through their link. Bluehost only pays $65 (I know bummer right). What does that mean?


I’m not saying that most of these bloggers in favor of Siteground are lying (*side eye), but I am pretty sure that there decision to promote Siteground instead of Bluehost was affected by far more than just your success.

Anyways. Rant over.

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So how would I make my decision today? Easy! Instead of listening to one single person I would consult a website such as, which compares and rates web hosts based on important key web hosting functionalities. compares over 300+ hosting providers, based on research, analysis, and experience. You receive reliable data based on past and current performance of different website hosting providers. And the best part is, it’s pretty much real-time information!

So what are the key functionalities you should look out for?

How to find the best web hosting platform

Key Web Hosting Functionalities

Shared hosting account

If you are new to the blogging world, then a shared hosting account is what you need. It’s small, it’s cheap and it’s easy to manage. You don’t need to take care of database maintenance or server security and can focus on building a beautiful WordPress site.


No matter what time zone you are in, you want to make sure that your website is online 24/7. Because thanks to globalization, people from all around the world will be able to visit your site. So your web host needs to have stable servers and network connection.

Sidenote: nowadays a network connection below 99% is considered bad, so make sure that you choose a host with at least 99%.

Response Time

What is the worst thing that can happen when you click on a website link? I takes ages to load! Omg, it’s soo annoying and usually means that people leave your website before they even got on it. So my personal most important key web hosting functionality is the server response time. Having a fast loading website won’t just improve the user experience, but also your SEO ranking by Google later.

Price: Sign up & Renewal

Now, this is a tricky one. Because that’s how these companies get us! While a lot of web hosting platforms will attract customers with low signup rates, their renewal prices oftentimes end up being super expensive. That’s why before you hit that “sign up” button, make sure you check for their renewal price.

1st Year Renewal
Bluehost $2.95 $7.99
Siteground $3.95 $11.95
Hostgator $2.99 $6.95
Godaddy $2.99 $7.99

See what I mean. Y’all better think twice before signing up for Siteground!

Beginner friendly Control Panel

You remember when I said Go Daddy’s’ customer service is amazing? Well, this is how I know. When I started my very first blog I did not know how to use the Control Panel whatsoever. So I called them up and they didn’t just help me set up my site, but actually gave me a nice little introduction. And that was all it took for me to learn how to use it. Because the CPanel is the brain of your hosting account, I suggest you look for a web host with a user-friendly cPanel.

Email Service

Sooo I might not be the best example for this feature, because my email is still [email protected] (hit me up!), but a lot of bloggers install fancy email accounts like [email protected]. And if you would like to do the same, then a good criteria to look out for is a web host that will host your own email too. Of course, it usually comes at an additional cost (which is why I don’t have it lol) but it definitely looks cute.

Good Customer Service


And that’s pretty much it. Those six points make up the key web hosting functionalities you should look for. Thankfully, uses all of these indicators to determine their rank. Want to check it out? Here is how!

How does HRANK work

Thankfully, using HRank is not complicated at all. All you need to do is follow these

  1. Go on
  2. Click “Top Hosting” in the upper left corner
  3. Now you can see the top 10 web hosts as ranked by HRANK
  4. Choose a host using the above key web hosting functionalities
  5. Visit the provider and sign up for a web hosting service

After two years of having to figure everything out for myself, I’m always happy when somebody else does the work for me and I can rely on their expertise. With HRANK you get exactly that. It’s fast, easy and for FREE!  A blogging beginner friendly way to find the best web host for you.

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