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25 Popular African Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2024

African braids hairstyles

Braids continue to dominate black hairstyles. And in 2024 it won’t change.

Whether you’re searching for a low-maintenance 4c hairstyle or looking to slay, there’s an abundance of braided hairstyles that you can choose from.

Now is the perfect time to embrace the diversity of braided hairstyles and try out the many stylish options that make a perfect protective style.

Here are the most popular African braids hairstyles for 2024.

Beautiful young black woman with large box braids looking into the camera

Trending African Braids of 2024

1. Tribal Style Cornrows with braids in the back

beautiful black woman holding flowers with tribal style cornrows with braids

2. Thick Butterfly Cornrows

beautiful woman with thick butterfly cornrows

3. Thick Box Braids

young black woman with thick box braids

4. Straight Back Stitch Braids

young black woman with straight back stitch braids

5. Stitch Braids Ponytail

young black woman in salon with stitch braids ponytail

6. Short Natural Hair Box Braids with curly ends

beautiful young black woman with short natural hair box braids with curly ends

7. Medium Knotless Braids with Color

young black woman facing the wall while showing off her medium knotless braid hairstyle

8. Medium Box Braids

beautiful black woman in restaurant with medium box braids

9. Lemonade Knotless Braids

young woman with lemonade knotless braids

10. Large Twists

young black woman with long red island twists

11. Medium Island Twists

young woman in salong with black long island twist hairstyle

12. Island Twist with black and brown color

young black woman in salon with island twist in black and brown

13. Half Cornrows half box braids

young black woman in salon chair with half cornrows half box braids

14. Goddess Box Braids in Blonde

black woman in salon chair with long blonde goddess box braids

15. Fulani Braids

black woman with simple fulani braids

16. Flip Over Fulani Braids

black woman showing off short flip over fulani braids

17. Distressed Passion Twists

young black woman with distressed passion twists

18. Distressed Faux Locs

young black woman with long distressed faux locs

19. Distressed Boho Braids

beautiful black woman on vacation, wearing distressed boho braids

20. Criss Cross Box Braids

young woman showing off her criss cross box braids

21. Butterfly Locs

beautiful black woman with long black butterfly locs

22. Boho Twists

young black woman with red boho twists

23. Boho Knotless Braids

beautiful black woman with long blonde boho knotless braids

24. Short Boho Braids

Black woman showing off her short boho braids

25. Boho Locs

beautiful black woman with long boho locs

African braids have always been a go-to of mine. And these trending styles are some great options to choose from.

Tips on choosing the best braid style for you

Can’t decide which of the many African braids hairstyles above to try out next? Here are my tips on how to choose which braid style is best for you and your lifestyle.


  • Time-Saving: Larger cornrow braids mean less time braiding, which is perfect for you if you’re always on the go.
  • Low Maintenance: Once done, cornrows are super easy to care for, even on your busiest days.
  • Protection: They’re great for protecting your natural hair, especially underneath wigs as favored by celebs like Tyra Banks.

Box Braids

  • Time-saving: Larger braids mean quicker installation time.
  • Versatile: They can be styled in numerous ways, from buns to ponytails.
  • Statement-making: The size itself is an instant head-turner.

Faux Locs

  • Protective: Safeguard your natural hair from everyday wear and tear.
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, they need minimal upkeep.
  • Versatility: Switch it up with various lengths, colors, and thicknesses.

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