From Situationship to Relationship

Get into a committed relationship without lowering your standards.

I went from 9 years of dead-end situationships to being in my dream relationship

My story began a little over 5 years ago when I got stood up in the middle of the night by a guy that I had been messing around with. 

I remember it clear as day. How I stood in front of his apartment at 3 am, screaming his name in tears. 

That was officially the lowest moment of my life.

Not just because I felt rejected and empty, but also because it had not been the first time I had allowed a man to drive me to such desperation.

In reality, at age 25 I had been in so many situationships that I lost count, but never been in a single “real” relationship. 

So at that moment I felt ashamed, I felt exhausted and I felt undesirable. 

But I also knew that I could not continue like that. The pain was too much. 

So I made a decision. 

This would be the last time that I settled for a situationship. The last time I settled for friends with benefits. The last time I settled for a no-label relationship. 

Thanks to a lot of experience and learning I’m now in a beautiful committed relationship with my best friend.


From situationship to relationship

Get into a committed relationship without abandoning your values or lowering your standards 

Here's what you'll learn

Get into a committed relationship!

Hey, I'm Justine

the girl behind who made all the dating mistakes so that you don’t have to anymore. 

On this blog I help Millennial Single Women of faith take their relationships from casual to committed. 

As a certified life coach I believe that every woman can attract the relationship she deserves and desires by learning to date with confidence and joy.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The book has an entire chapter on how to identify a man that is ready to be in a committed relationship. It gives you specific examples and exercises to discern between the right guy and the one that is not ready.

Yes. Setting boundaries is the final step in getting into a relationship. In the book, I share an exercise on how to set boundaries and stick to them.

Yes and no. The book includes steps on how to meet more men regularly so that you have more options. However, it is not a detailed guide on how to navigate the online dating space, etc.

Amazon reviews

“This was a book I can me across as I am furthering my relationship with God and as I am preparing myself for the proper relationship when it’s time.. time and time I have gotten myself mixed into situationships that have essentially left me feeling lost and empty and frustrated because it seemed like an on-going cycle.. well 1.) it’s great to know I’m not alone! 2.) there are so many amazing and practical exercises to help your mind set shift seeking and attracting to a more fulfilling and committed relationship! So thank you Justine for taking the time to be transparent and share these tips and tricks I feel very empowered to get back on the dating scene and try again! 🙏🏾”
– Constance B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read and will definitely reference it into the future. Justine provides practical advice with a humorous yet real approach. What’s great is that the tips, tools and exercises all share one thing at their core: self-love. I found Justine’s insight to be helpful in reflecting on my own experiences and motivational in taking action to achieve my goals. I highly recommend this book to anyone, whether you are single/not looking, single/dating, or single/in a relationship.”

“I’ve been following Justine Mfulama’s wisdom on YouTube and Instagram and was really excited to read her book. She teaches you to see an abundance of men out there so that you stop settling for the wrong men- this totally changed the way I date! I highly recommend her book to anyone who has struggled with old relationship patterns that always lead to nowhere and is looking for a solution. So much to learn from this book!”
– Just Jules

Get into a committed relationship!