Reasons why he won’t commit

commitment issues

3 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit Most of us know firsthand what it feels like to fall head over heels for a guy that refuses to commit. It makes you feel abandoned and rejected. Especially, if you invested a lot of time into the friendship or relationship and feel like you deserved his commitment. While […] Read more…

10 Characteristics Of A Godly Man

10 characteristics to look for in a godly man

characteristics of a godly man Did you know there’s a difference between a good man and a godly man? And wouldn’t you want the one you marry to be a godly man? Yes, ma’am! And I honestly didn’t know until I started my blog. Since then I have learned what qualities a godly man should have but also […] Read more…

What To Do On Valentine’s Day Single

8 Valentines Day Ideas for Single Women

What to do on valentine’s day single  Valentine’s Day is upon us and whether you are in a relationship or spending valentines alone, February 14th is a day you deserve a treat. Celebrating love comes in many ways. It can refer to the love between two people, the love you have for your family, but […] Read more…