How to avoid instant gratification

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by faith_How to avoid the temptation of Instant gratification

Instant gratification – a word often used to describe our generation, the Millennials (what up 80’ & 90’s babies). But what does that even mean? According to the urban dictionary, instant gratification is the: ‘immediate satisfaction, the quick attainability of happiness or of contentment’.   In other words, it’s wanting something now rather than later. […] Read more…

How to love yourself

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by faith_How to love yourself and appreciate your God-given beauty

We come in all shapes, sizes and skin complexions. It is our differences that make us beautiful. Learn how to love yourself and appreciate your unique beauty. I’m part of an amazing female group on Facebook; in which women share their mind on topics like faith, relationships, purpose, and other things. One day I was […] Read more…

Solo Female Travel Guide to Atlanta

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by Faith_The Solo Female Travelers Guide to Atlanta

Atlanta, also known as ‘The A’, ‘ATL’ or ‘Hotlanta’. This urban and vibrant city is home to a lot of churches, a lot of restaurants and a lot of entertainment. However, Atlanta is not your typical urban city plastered with high-rises and traffic, but also features multiple parks and outdoor festivals. Find out everything you […] Read more…