How to start a Blog

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress If you opened this article it means that you are serious about this blogging thing and would like to know how to install WordPress. Whoop whoop welcome! But, it also means that you realized that blogging is no joke and oftentimes the reason for a headache. Okay, okay a lot of times. […] Read more…

10 Best WordPress Plugins for new Bloggers

10 Best WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers WordPress is a great blogging platform when it comes to building your Christian Blog. However, in order to build your dream website, you need more than the basic online publishing platform. You need Plugins. What are Plugins Plugins are a piece of software that contains a specific function […] Read more…

How To Find The Best Web Hosting Platform

How to find the best web hosting platform If you are at the beginning of your Blogging journey and have not yet decided which web host you would like to choose, all the information about the different hosting options can be confusing. Bluehost, GoDaddy, Siteground or maybe Hostgator? And what feature is the most important […] Read more…

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