How to reduce stress

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by faith_Overcoming Stress

Stress – a mental state that has become the norm for many of us. It describes daily struggles with uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed or powerless. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety seriously affects our well-being and also sabotages our productivity and purpose. The question is: How to reduce stress?  In the past, I felt anxious and stressed all […] Read more…

5 things I learned while traveling

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by Faith_5 things I learned while traveling_1

Every time I book a flight I light up. I get so excited about the new city that I start googling the best sights, search Pinterest for the hidden gems and ask my Facebook friends about do’s and don’ts at the destination. There’s nothing I’m surer of than that ‘I love to travel’.[clickToTweet tweet=”There’s nothing […] Read more…

5 Reasons to go on a fast

Justine Mfulama_Traveling by Faith_Fasting

In life, we often have big and important decisions to make. We might ask our pastor, our parents, or our friends for advice, but what about God? We very well know that he should be the first and preferably the only one to give us guidance, however hearing his voice can be hard at times. […] Read more…

Why Comparison is the thief of Joy

Justine Mfulama_Traveling By Faith_Why Comparison is the thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of Joy – This citation is not new. As a matter of fact, it was Theodore Roosevelt that said it so it is at least 100 years old (don’t quote me on that but 100 sounds more dramatic). Most of us have heard it before or we have seen it appear […] Read more…

How to grow into the next season

Justine Mfulama_Traveling By Faith_How to grow into the next season

I don’t know about you, but I used to think that I just had to get through this season and the next one would be much better. Husband, baby, great weave and a Range Rover, basically everything the Kardashians have. But for some reason, the current season just didn’t want to end, and I found myself […] Read more…

How to plan a Gap Year in 5 Easy Steps

Since the day I entered the workforce (exactly 3 years ago and I’m exhausted), I have been thinking about doing a gap year. Now you might think it is too early to do a gap year because I have only worked three.   But if you put it in perspective, it’s 1/10 of my life already […] Read more…

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