Month: January 2020

How Women Self-Sabotage Relationships

How women self-sabotage relationships

How women self-sabotage relationships After publishing my post on “why men self-sabotage relationships” last week, I figured it is only right to share my thoughts on its counterpart.  While men and women both struggle with the same fears: The fear of rejection/abandonment, the fear of engulfment, and the fear of intimacy. Each gender, however, has […] Read more…

Why Men Self-Sabotage Relationships

Why men self-sabotage relationships

Why men self-sabotage relationships There is undoubtedly nothing worse than when a relationship ends and you do not understand why. You feel completely blindsided and it seems like everything was fine just a week ago. But now your (ex-) boyfriend seems cold, distant and unbothered.  Unfortunately, that’s the reality of a lot of breakups. A […] Read more…